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    Digestive Supplements

    Importance of digestive system

    A healthy digestive system is the key to wellbeing. Many people ignore the importance of digestive health and are unaware that common conditions such as diarrhea, bloating, and constipation are all linked to a poorly functioning digestive system. In serious cases where digestive health is ignored for too long, the risk of developing diseases such as colon cancer may increase.

    According to the American Nutrition Association, over 70 million people suffer from digestive conditions everyday. Did you know that 70% of the body's immune system lies in the gut? The gut  acts as a primary defense system that protects from invading bacteria. A poorly functioning digestive system can damage our immune system and make us more prone to health issues.

    There are many steps one can take to improve their digestive system. These steps include a high fiber diet, eating lean meats, adding probiotics to their diets, staying hydrated, and doing away with habits such as smoking.

    What are digestive health products?

    Whether you are looking for immediate relief from a digestive problem or simply want to support the health of your digestive tract, you can choose from a wide range of digestive health products. These products are designed to optimize digestive functions. Here are a few digestive health products you can consider:

    Vitamins for digestive health

    There are a number of vitamins that are necessary for digestive health. Apart from adding such vitamins in your diet, you can also opt for vitamin supplements. Here are the four main vitamins your digestive system needs to function properly:

    • Vitamin B (B1, B3, B6)
    • Vitamin C
    • Vitamin D
    • Vitamin A

    Digestive health probiotics

    Probiotics are living organisms that are also known as “healthy bacteria”. This bacteria helps boost the immune system by balancing the level of microorganisms and minimizing bad bacteria. Probiotics can be taken as a supplement. However, since there are so many different types of probiotics supplements available, it is recommended that you see a doctor for advice first. Here are some benefits of probiotics:

    • Reduce diarrhea
    • Lower the risk of eczema
    • Reduce the risk of respiratory infections
    • Reduce the risk of constipating, bloating and irritable bowel syndrome

    Side effects of digestive health products

    The side effects will depend on which digestive product you are taking. For example, individuals taking probiotic capsules may experience bloating and gas problems. Before you buy digestive health products, ask your doctor for guidance. The benefits and side effects of such products can vary from person to person.

    Buy Digestive health products

    Now you can buy different digestive health products online at healthwarehouse.com. Here are some  of the products available:

    • Culturelle Probiotic Natural Health & Wellness Capsules
    • Activz 9 a Day (2wk) – 135ct Capsules
    • Activz Whole Food Multivitamin Shake Complete, Berries & Cream – 13.8oz Jar

    You can buy these products online and have them delivered to your home.

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