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    01.14.20~ You are doing a “fantastic” job. Best customer service I’ve ever had!!!
    -Susanne T.
    12.27.19~ Great website and order ships right out - great prices never heard of them before but now I will use them.....
    -Valerie M.
    12.12.19~ Wow! These syringes are so much better than I have been buying at WalMart that I don't know where to start. 1. The plastic bags that hold the syringes are like four times thicker than the Wal Mart product. 2. The syringes themselves are made of better and thicker material. The plungers are solid and don't wobble. 3. There is a plunger stop at the top of the syringe so it can't be pulled out and the seal at the end is larger. The caps are thicker material and fit snugly. I could go on but take the advice of a long time insulin user and just buy the Easy Touch syringes. They are only a bit more expensive than the ones at WalMart but are so much better. Even the plastic bags holding the syringes are top quality. Thanks HealthWarehouse for a life improving product.
    -Josh L.
    11.19.19~ Excellent customer service, quick shipping, great communication!
    -Carol M.
    10.06.19~ I waited until I received my order after ordering for the first time. Giving this company a 5 star rating for: having what I wanted, price, expediency in shipment, freshness of product (soft cough lozenges which I sometimes have purchased elsewhere and felt they were stale - these were perfectly soft & fresh), free shipping. I chose to pay $3.95 for shipping to receive in 2-8 business days. They came in three days! It was worth it for me to pay that as I was running out of what I had. I have a throat issue and need something on hand all the time. I would highly recommend this company as I am completely satisfied with my ordering experience. Thank you Healthware House. I will definitely spread the word about you.
    -Patricia P.
    10.01.19~ I needed to call the office in order to expedite the order. The lady agent was great and the order then went through!
    -arthur S.
    09.16.19~ Always easy & quick to get my over the counter meds. Thank you.
    -Joni C.
    09.13.19~ Lightening fast shipment. Excellent and easy ordering process. Wonderful experience
    -Nicholas W.
    08.26.19~ Excellent prices on some prescription drugs. Shipping speed has greatly improved in the last year. When I receive notifications about an Rx that needs refilled and click on the link I am not taken to that specific refill and instead have to navigate through other Rx’s in order to locate the desired Rx. Not a user friendly website to navigate. I shop online virtually every day and is one of the more difficult to use. Why not list active Rx’s under the product name, Rosuvastatin, for example and show the original Rx and all subsequent refills under that product name together then list the next product name with all refills and so on. Very random looking listing of Rx’s and takes more time to find what you are looking for.
    -Terry B.
    08.12.19~ Question/Feedback: Any plans for a recycling program? I've too many pill bottles from HealthWareHouse.com. Because they are Polypropylene, weill end up in the landfill as no recyclers take PP. How about starting a "take-back" program to reuse these bottles?
    -Duane M.
    01.13.20~ great so far got what ordered looks good sofar
    -charles B.
    12.18.19~ Shipping has gotten slower over the years as well as slow communication with doctors. Don't assume that just because it has "warehouse" in the title that you're getting the best price - even on generic drugs. I'm switching to a local pharmacy and will save $30+ per month on my out of pocket generic prescriptions.
    -Megan M.
    11.29.19~ Easy to use website, great prices, and fast delivery. Thank you!
    -Emily K.
    11.04.19~ They never give you any hassle about your order and it always arrives when it’s supposed too or earlier. Well done!
    -Jimmy B.
    10.04.19~ it all good
    -Troy P.
    09.27.19~ Excellent customer service! Friendly knowledgeable reps that actually give accurate answers, unlike one if the home pharmacy sites owned by large insurance company that on 3 different occasions gave me misinformation. PRICE cannot be beat I paid $180 for my med when the other pharmacy wanted to charge me $10,350 for same med(they denied prior auth) Thank you Healthwarehouse
    -Michael H.
    09.15.19~ What the hell is this?
    -Roy W.
    08.29.19~ Good service and good prices. Thanks.
    -Robert R.
    08.14.19~ I have enjoyed dealing with Health warehouse over these past 6 or 7 years. The professionalism, turn around time and auto reorder is first class.
    -Melaney J.
    08.12.19~ Always simple and easy to speak with healthwarehouse. Very easy and simple, appreciate everything.
    -Laura M.
    01.10.20~ Great customer service when searching for a specialized product (calcium with no vitamin d added). Could not find this product at 3 brick & mortar pharmacies, but you had it! Many thanks for your past & present services.
    -Carol W.
    12.15.19~ I’ve recently been prescribed an injection Rx for a very treatable condition. Due to my government health insurance contract I’ve been forced to deal specifically with CVS. Even though they filled my Rx, it was like pulling teeth to convince them to sell the appropriate syringe and needles. My Rx was for several vials of medication per month. CVS would only sell me 2 needles and they were entirely too narrow to draw and inject my medication. It was a disaster. Ordering through the HealthWareHouse was so simple, fast and inexpensive. I was able to order the exact syringes, needles and drawing needles that my Dr suggested. He also recommended BD brand products and the HealthWareHouse had everything I needed and on my doorstep in 3 days.... AWESOME!! I highly,highly recommend HealthWareHouse for anyone that is absolutely frustrated with dealing with retail nonsense. Retail pharmacies think they have us by the shotries, but they are sadly mistaken and I'll gladly spread the word. Thanks, Respectfully, Steve Goodman
    -Steven G.
    11.28.19~ I do not like the staff or doctor with whom I have a prescription. When my prescription expired, I got really really nervous at the idea of having to call their office. So I took a stab at requesting a refill through HealthWarehouse ANYWAYS, to see if H.W. could get my prescription renewed from the demon gyno office without me having to call. And sure as anything, H.W. was able to renew my prescription, refill it and for the best price on the market. My chest is radiating with gratitude right now. You guys turned my emotional mountain into a molehill, and I will never shop anywhere else. Thank you, thank you! :) <3
    -Sarah L.
    10.15.19~ Make your stupid "let's chat" thing go away! When I ex it out, I don't want it popping back up constantly. It's distracting, and annoying!!!!!!!!!!!! The rest of your service it is great.
    -Denise W.
    10.03.19~ Excellent Company with the lowest prices plus FREE SHIPPING!!! Will definitely order from them again. Five Stars all the way!!!
    -Lawrence P.
    09.24.19~ I love the convenience of having Health Warehouse keeping track of my medicine, shipping them when I need them with free shipping! I have been a customer for over 10 years and just love them!
    -Michael R.
    09.15.19~ I am so impressed with the service and efficiency of this company. I used to get my pet meds from [Other Pharmacy], but my recent experience with [Other Pharmacy] was unacceptable. I ordered a vital medication for my pet that was available and supposedly ordered and due to arrive just prior to when I was going to run out of the medication. I then received an email from [Other Pharmacy] notifying me that my order was cancelled. My pet would have been without his necessary medication had I not found out about HealthWarehouse. I spoke with a service representative who was empathetic to my situation and who fast-tracked the processing of my medication. I only had to pay an extra $10 for expedited shipping and my meds arrived in 3 days, just in time for my dog's next dose of medication! Not only did HealthWarehouse respond right away to my need, but, they were also more affordable than all other suppliers, even with the expedited shipping! I am so glad I found this company and highly recommend them!
    -Susan R.
    08.27.19~ The absolute best prices on the face of the earth and customer service is second to none!
    -Kevin R.
    08.13.19~ Good service
    -Hao N.
    08.10.19~ Very fast and always on time
    -Ann B.

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