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    06.13.18~ This is my first time using this site and there was a problem on my part and both times I called 1st time I spoke to Kelly 2nd time Judy both ladies were very helpful and professional, I am so happy I found this site !! Thank you ladies !!
    -Diane A.
    06.12.18~ Every time I ask for my meds to be expedited and shipped over night they always come through!!!! Thanks so much for your professional service!!!
    -Maria L.
    06.11.18~ Shipment was made immediately and received in good shape. Clear instructions. Great service and very helpful. Glad to have found your company.
    -Joyce F.
    05.30.18~ I had my prescription sent in from my doctor's office twice. After not receiving it a month later, I called the customer service to find out that until I called the warehouse, my meds were not going anywhere. That was a great shock and a surprise! In the past and other pharmacies, I received an email to confirm my order, and received my meds within two weeks. I hope my order arrives before my current meds run out. I think it would greatly improve your customer care if you sent an email, rather than wait for the patient to call you, to confirm a prescription order. These hassles have caused me to stop taking my meds without my doctor's consent. It is hard enough to have health issues; it would be nice if people/companies would make it easier for us to do what we need to do. If it wasn't for your price, I would have asked my doctor to send my prescription elsewhere. Thank you.
    -Nobuko N.
    05.27.18~ First time user well satisfied with all and what a great cost savings.
    -gary D.
    05.23.18~ Quite satisfied Price, quality and shipping
    -Michael B.
    05.21.18~ Consistently good customer service, fast shipping and lowest prices available.
    -Michael F.
    05.21.18~ I love using this site to get my medication. Low prices, friendly customer service and fast delivery. I recommend them to everyone.
    -Kimberly R.
    05.19.18~ The staff is excellent and always helpful. The prices are amazing. There is only one reason and one reason only for the 1 star review. I placed my order on 4/10, today is 5/19 and it has yet to be shipped. I have been out of my meds for 19 days. The shipping process is slow slow slow. If you are gonna use this site for ur Rx orders. Better have it autoahipped monthly or you'll be out of medication no matter how early you order.
    -Jessica P.
    06.13.18~ Customer Service has been excellent! Only blip has been getting my 1st RX which order was confirmed on 5/24 and I just received email today (6/13) that it has been shipped. I sent an email on 6/11 asking when I would receive it, within 10 min. I received a response stating they were in the process of a system upgrade, apologized for the delay and expired the shipping. Things happen, and my RX wasn't urgent, my only recommendation is in the future if an RX is going to be delayed notify the customer.
    -Erin N.
    06.12.18~ very efficient in getting out orders. extremely pleased
    -Shirley C.
    06.08.18~ Amanda at Health Warehouse really came through for me when I needed my order expedited due to medical concerns and also saved me $160.00 over CVS price for the same script!!! Truly helpful health wise and financially too!
    -Antoine K.
    05.30.18~ Satisfied in all areas with your services
    -Sandra A.
    05.26.18~ How is HealthWarehouse doing? Carly Simon's song "Nobody Does It Better" from the James Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me says it best: Nobody Does it Half as Good as You.....Baby You're the Best!! Thanks for everything.
    -John M.
    05.23.18~ I received notice that I only had a partial amount left on my prescription, so that I could not order the 100 pills that I normally get, however, the notice was so confusing that I did not understand the notice. All you really have to do is state the number of pills left and then state that the doctor should be contacted to renew the prescription. No apologies, it is not your fault and no long letters. This would make it better the next time around. As far as phone contact is concerned, your representatives are all polite and they honestly try to solve the problem.
    -Marcel B.
    05.21.18~ Consistently good customer service, fast shipping and lowest prices available.
    -Michael F.
    05.19.18~ Awesome on-line pharmacy. Only one I can find that will reliably fill a special order for the only brand that works for me! Thank you, HealthWarehouse!
    -Lynda M.
    05.19.18~ Great service and price
    -Braxtil M.
    05.17.18~ Great prices, service and customer service.
    -Diane B.
    06.13.18~ Ordered refill on the 6th of June... only filled on the 13th after I sent a message asking why the delay. Usually they are so prompt.. this one got away from them. Estimated delivery on the 16th. Glad I had an extra week of meds.
    -Jayms C.
    06.12.18~ Great service,prices,super fast shipping!! AAtt
    -David S.
    05.31.18~ Changed my insurance provider for 2018 and one of my needed medications was not covered. The price became $800/month and then after an override it became $250/month! I get my needed medications from HealthWarehouse for $118 per 3 months quite a savings.
    -ROBERT L.
    05.30.18~ No trouble at all ordering and receiving medications. You are doing a great job.Thanks
    -robert P.
    05.25.18~ Excellent service
    -eileen B.
    05.23.18~ Great service! This company isn't the cheapest for all of my medications but they provide terrific service for the one that I do get filled by them.
    -Pamela M.
    05.21.18~ Great low prices, good service and quality generic drugs.
    -ROBERT T.
    05.19.18~ Awesome very speedy delivery
    -Lou D.
    05.18.18~ fast courtious service will continue to do business with this company
    -ROBERT H.
    05.16.18~ I am always very happy with the service I am getting from Healthwarehouse. I am also very happy how fast they get back to you when you send an email. Great Pharmacy. Thank you.
    -Jutta M.

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