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    04.19.18~ Had exactly what I was searching for and at an awesome price. And of course if you get more you you get a better price. Best price I've seen so far. I also like the fact that they have let me know that my payment was processed and then that my order had shipped. Will definitely use their services again and will be recommending them to others as well.
    -Andrea S.
    04.17.18~ Prices are great. I made my first order, and it sat there for 5 days without being shipped. I called, and the woman was very helpful is getting it sent out that day. Not sure how long it would have taken had I not called her.
    -Marcia K.
    04.16.18~ The best company ! The best price ! Fast shipping ! I am very, very, very happy with the order ! 5 Stars***** !
    -Michael J.
    04.15.18~ excellent service and excellent prices! I am very happy!!!
    -Janet H.
    04.13.18~ You seam to ship to often I am just starting with my last order of 90 day supply please call or email me before shipping another order. other than that you are a wonderful company to do business with. thank you
    -James D.
    04.10.18~ not only do you save money here, but your meds are delivered right to your mailbox. the only thing better than this is not having to take any meds at all.
    -lonna R.
    04.07.18~ My first order thru Healthcare Warehouse, very good communications thru the whole process of setting up up for the first time with my doctor and a few errors I made filling out forms, well done.
    -David S.
    04.03.18~ Good prices, but my HSA debit card is still declined every time. Time to start coding card purchases correctly so they are HSA/flex account-eligible!
    -John D.
    04.02.18~ Very helpful phone help and very quick shipping. Great experience!
    -Denice A.
    03.31.18~ Great price! Same exact product I was getting from local pharmacy!
    -Nicole H.
    04.17.18~ Easy to order, great price and good customer service.
    -Russell W.
    04.17.18~ Best customer service group EVER! I did not realize that most orders required a couple of days to process. I am going on an extended trip and needed to receive my prescription before I left. Spoke with a lovely young lady and she escalated my order through a direct contact with the Pharmacist. Bingo! Order shipped today and I will receive before I leave. Thank you!
    -Richard R.
    04.16.18~ Great! 5 star, Very fast delivery
    -Carole Z.
    04.13.18~ Thank you very much Kelsey!!!
    -Shirley M.
    04.11.18~ Fantastic service and huge selection on “Over the Counter” Brands...plus saves me a whole bunch of money :)
    -Susanne T.
    04.10.18~ The price of my medicine was excellent. The people were very polite. Otherwise than that I did not have a good experience. They took my money and then did not get my medicine filled until I paid to see my doctor who faxed my prescription again. Then Health Ware house did nothing until after two week I emailed them to find out where my medicine. I was told my medicine was out of stock and would be shipped some day. After two weeks I still do not have my medicine and have been with this medicine for 30 days. Other than the price I would go elsewhere.
    -Noralene S.
    04.06.18~ I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart the best job ever getting my dog's medicine and I still have 3 days to spare thank you again
    -harvey D.
    04.02.18~ Very satisfied with Health Warehouse
    -john B.
    04.01.18~ I've always had good luck and great service with this company, but the last 3 times I'm trying to refill my prescriptions I either can't get the product entered into the cart OR after I do, I can't finish checking out as the system won't proceed any further. There's either some technical issues going on here or something else. I'm currently NOT a happy customer, and my wife and I are customers for a few years now. When you do call for support, you have a long wait time or it takes a day or so for someone to call back.... I'm thinking of checking out other on-line pharmacies if these problems aren't resolved quickly....
    -Barry B.
    03.31.18~ Absolutely the most knowledgeable staff, for those like me who take a medicine on a daily basis definitely 5 star service
    -Kathy D.
    04.17.18~ Great Service
    -Richard R.
    04.17.18~ You are doing very well. I have no complaints.
    -Rev. David R.
    04.15.18~ Lenght of time that it takes to fill and receive needs to be shortened. Scripts that are maintenanace medicines should have no problem getting to the customer.
    -Robert R.
    04.13.18~ The savings are substancial compared to our local CVS. It is more convenient to order on line then to drive 3 miles to the store. Thank you for the savings and the convenience
    -George E W.
    04.11.18~ I chose Healthwarehouse after an internet search for a medication that my insurance not longer has on their formulary list of drugs . The price and is the same as I was paying with insurance. Excellent customer service.
    -steven C.
    04.07.18~ Thank You HealthWarehouse.com! I've Been a Customer of Yours for Just Over a Year Now and Am Extremely Happy with Your Business! Your Business is a 5 Star Business Company All-Around with Customer Service, E-mail Correspondence, Order Processing, Shipping and Delivery. You Have a Customer for Life Here and Am Gladly Passing Your Business's Information to Friends and Family Alike. Keep-Up the Fantastic and Personalized Service, Don't Change a Thing.
    -Joseph F.
    04.03.18~ Very pleased with service and knowledge about drug interaction which maybe saved my wife's life. I had bee
    -RAMON S.
    04.02.18~ Very fast service and shipping. Have your Dr fax the script, make the payment, and within days you will have your meds. Awesome. Highly recommend
    -Mark G.
    03.31.18~ Quick service
    -Angelina K.
    03.30.18~ Shana Baker was absolutely wonderful! I was having problems with my order and she followed through twice to make sure everything was ok. She was so thoughtful and caring and a great asset to your company. Thank You Shana!!
    -Angela U.

    Our Happy Customers

    • “This company is amazing. I ordered my medication through them recently and had wanted to get a 6-month refill so I could take care of the next few months at once. Well my dr didn't send the right prescription, I got a call an...”


    • “Affordable prices and I received my meds in a timely manner.”

      Lance M.  Pittsburgh, PA.

    • “Excellent customer services. I got my answers and received orders in no time manner. Wishing all staffs Merry Christmas and Happy Healthy New Year 2015. Sincerely, Jasmines H.”

      Jasmine H. 

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