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    05.09.22~ Always an easy and pleasant buying experience. Prompt sometimes early delivery. :)
    -Joshua D.
    05.02.22~ Your agent was patient, kind, and courteous. She let me explain my dilemma and offered a wonderful solution. Thank you so much!
    -Lynelle A.
    04.19.22~ I can't say enough about this company. Been using them for over 10 years and the customer service and the ability to make things right are second to none. Thank you guys and gals for being awesome!
    -Geoff F.
    03.25.22~ Efficient, caring and professional. My RX refill was actually lost in shipping for approximately 21 days. Talked with customer service several times while they made inquiries. Each person I spoke with was reassuring. Of course, just when we had abandoned hope the refill arrived. Sure wish the shipping envelope could tell us where it had been.
    -George B.
    03.12.22~ Always on time and great response
    -Gail B.
    03.04.22~ The service is not great. The doctor sent the prescription in 2 days ago, but no indication on the website that it had been received. Had to bother the doctor to make sure the prescription was actually sent.
    -NEIL B.
    02.16.22~ I love the service and the pricing I get from HealthWarehouse.com however, I am less than 2 miles from the distribution center and my packages are always late because they end up being routed thru California or northern Ohio, or……. Who knows where. I feel like there really needs to be a way to ship local packages more efficiently. Otherwise, I’ve always had good customer service, good price, and helpful staff. Thank you.
    -Rob V.
    01.25.22~ Great service
    -William B.
    01.17.22~ Always pleased with everything
    -Travis W.
    01.06.22~ Exceptional service in all categories. Very pleased
    -Michael T.
    05.07.22~ So far it’s working out okay.
    -James J.
    04.25.22~ I have been a customer of Healthwarehouse for a number of years now and they are always on point and first class. Will be doing business with them for more years to come hopefully.
    -Blakes Home Maintenance B.
    04.05.22~ Kind, courteous staff! Will order again!
    -Jan M.
    03.21.22~ Trouble free. Excellent customer service.
    -Michael K.
    03.05.22~ Heathwarehouse has always provided exceptional service. When I can't find something locally heathwarehouse majority of the time will have my product
    -Elizabeth B.
    02.24.22~ Great service
    -Diane J.
    02.14.22~ I am a patient, customer of Healthwarehouse.com Nandi also an author of business books and a leadership consultant. I hope my credentials give some credit to my evaluation of the Company. I enthusiastically have the company a 5 stars rating for its excellence in customer support. The leadership of the company clearly understood that customer support , particularly in the healthcare domain , is critical to its success and long term viability. It is not a slogan or a motto. They obviously have committed the resources necessary to provide each customer with the attention he/she expects. Congratulations to all involved from the leaders of the company to all the employees who seem to have embraced a culture of dedication and support to customers. A sign of true leadership is when the intent of the « top » shows at all levels of the hierarchy. There are many measures of success other than financial. The number of smiling customers is one that is too often ignored.
    -Marc C.
    01.21.22~ You people are the greatest!
    -Mary Kaye B.
    01.16.22~ I've been ordering from Health Warehouse for over a year now and I couldn't be happier with their service. Great prices and fast FREE shipping.
    -Cody M.
    01.04.22~ I found exactly what i needed & there's a large selection to chose from. Excellent customer service & fast shipping. Will recommend to family & friends.
    -Lisa A.
    05.02.22~ I am really not happy. It took over two days to have the product shipped, and now that it is here in California, one town over and about 15 minutes away, for some reason it is not going to be on a UPS truck for delivery for over four days. It is a supplement that my doctor has highly recommended, and chances are I will be out of it in four days.
    -Anne H.
    04.19.22~ Your services are the best. I spend 2 minutes online placing my order and a few days later it’s at my house without fail. Have recommended you to friends
    -Kathleen B.
    03.31.22~ Excellent service, prices. Never any hassle!
    -Joe R.
    03.12.22~ great service and prices!
    -Gail B.
    03.04.22~ Excellent customer service!! After USPS lost my package they told me it was going to take up to 2 weeks while they went through the process of locating it. Unfortunately for me, my order was time sensitive, and after reaching out to customer support they sent an overnight replacement free of charge... Even after our chat got disconnected without a resolution being procured yet. Good customer service can be hard to find these days. Thank you for your help HW!
    -Josh S.
    02.17.22~ quick and great service
    -Elizabeth S.
    01.27.22~ For most part very good working with this company. Only this one time I see one of an OTC medication is cheaper on Amazon. BUT for my prescribed meds often pricing is better then regular drug store & my medications are slotted for auto-refills.
    -Margaret N.
    01.20.22~ I was very pleased your order filler called me to indicate they no longer carry what I ordered, and offered an alternative that was acceptable. Haven't received it yet, but was happy for the personal service.
    -Nancy Adams A.
    01.11.22~ no hassle easy online ordering .Sent out test kit next day I will deffinately use them again
    -debra I.
    12.31.21~ The absolute best customer service I have ever experienced with ANY company. From the time I placed my order with a really great employee named Tiffany until the time I received my order was only six days and three of those days were Christmas Eve and then Saturday and Sunday. I will of course continue to use healthwarehouse.com and refer any and all others who may need or use their products, thanks again.
    -SEAN M.

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    • “I have just started to order from Health Warehouse. Its been very easy and fast delivery. I will continue to order from them in the future. Thank you.”

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