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    9.5 / 10.0 Rating (March 2010)

    2009 BizRate Circle Of Excellence Winner & Customer Certified

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    "HealthWarehouse had the product that I was looking for at the cheapest price I have see on the web so far. It was easy to buy and fast through checkout. I would definitely recommend HealthWarehouse to other shoppers online."

    "The price of the test strips is fantastic! I can get 100 strips for the price of one box at walmart!"

    "You are a lifesaver for me and my sweet diabetic doggy. She also has Cushings which creates a very delicate diabetic situation. Because of you I can afford to home test her BG as much as necessary while we are working to stabilize this complicated medical situation. You are literally a lifesaver for us right now."

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    4.8 / 5.0 Stars (March 2010)

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    "Fantastic. Prices are incredible and from time of order to receiving it has always been less than 3 days. Thank you."

    "Couldn't be better shipping and prices. For my particular needs WAL-MART was twice the price."

    "This is my second order from the same vendor. Could not have plan it better if I was doing it myself. Keep up the good work."

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    5.0 / 5.0 Stars (March 2010)

    "Fast shipping, goods received in good shape. Thank you."

    "Best prices I have found for these products and super fast shipping. Will reorder for sure."

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    5.0 / 5.0 Rating March 2010)

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    "It was cheaper for me to buy from HealthWarehouse than go through my medical plan and pay my portion of the charge. Thank you for making my daily meds more economical!"

    "This was my first experience ordering this product online. I fine that the process is easy and the price is much reasonable for me, I will shop at this merchant again."

    "I am grateful! Insurance doesn't cover and THESE are life saving necessary items! "

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    4.9 / 5.0 Stars (March 2010)

    "This is by far the best seller I have encountered...UPS made a mistake in the shipping and when i contacted HealthWarehouse, not only did they apologize, they sent me another box of test strips for free overnight for the inconvenience. Thanks again to the wonderful people at this company who care about their customers."

    "I've now placed, via Amazon, several orders with HealthWarehouse for essential medical supplies such as blood testing equipment & syringes. The company's shipping has been consistently fast and accurate, with prices that beat other specialty suppliers, and save as much as 75% over big drug store chains."

    "Shipping was FAST! The item arrived in perfect condition. How come the price of the strips you are selling is actually lower than just the COPAY on my prescription plan?!? I'm going to continue to buy from you instead of going through my insurance. This is really a Godsend since I really can't afford my glucose testing strips otherwise! Thank you so much!"

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    • “Called after business hours but used the automated order service. Worked fine and moments later received an e-mail confirmation. Next day received an e-mail that my order was shipped. Fast service and a less expensive alter...”

      Herbert K. 

    • “I am very satisfied with the convenience and handling of my business with this company.”

      Carlene M.  Burlington, WV.

    • “Excellent customer service. On the very rare occasion that their was a "hiccup" with our order, Health Warehouse graciously fixed (made right) the order to our satisfaction; and in record time. We have been their customer for...”


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