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    Pill Pulverizer

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    Pill Pulverizer

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    Product Summary

    • Crushers hard-to-swallow pills into powder
    • Storage area in cap
    • Wing tips for easier grip


    The Apex Pill Pulverizer crushes pills into a fine powder. It is specifically designed for those who prefer to take supplements in a powder form. The Apex ultra pill splitter is less than 3" in diameter and easily transports from place to place.


    Place pills or tablets in the clear container. Put the blue cap on top of the pills to create a tight seal. The inside of the cap has a tip, which creates an inverse molding process. The outside of the cap has a wing tip design to help individuals grip and turn the top. Grab the ultra pill crusher by the wing tips and rotate back and forth. While rotating the top, apply pressure, as necessary. Continue, until the pill takes on a powder form. Since the crushing process takes place inside a container, all the contents from the pill remain inside, until ready for use. You may consume it immediately by putting it in a drink. Or you can store it for consumption later at a specified time.



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