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    Maxi/Guard OraZn Neutralizing Zinc Hydrogel- 2oz

    Product ID: MWI024348

    Maxi/Guard OraZn Neutralizing Zinc Hydrogel- 2oz

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    Product Summary

    • Quick and Easy Wipe Application
    • Neutralized Zinc Formulation
    • Increased Pet Acceptance
    • Description

      Maxi/Guard OraZn is the easy solution for the most difficult pet acceptance problems. OraZn features a neutral pH and a truly taste-free application. Helps control gingivitis, plaque and bad breath without brushing in cats, dogs, and exotics. Safe for long term use. 2oz soft squeeze bottle with built-in applicator tip.


      With cats, use a pea sized droplet from your finger tip. Simply rub this amount of gel onto the gum areas above the outside back upper molars on each side of the mouth. A gentle bathing action will distribute the neutralized zinc gel to remote areas of the mouth. Use slightly more fo small dogs. Daily application is preferred.


      Deionized water, carboxymethlcellulose, zinc fluconate, taurine, methylparaben, propylparaben, FD&C blue #1.



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