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    Icy Hot Advanced Pain Relief Patch- 5ct

    Product ID: A10112320

    Icy Hot Advanced Pain Relief Patch- 5ct

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    Product Summary

    • Long lasting relief.
    • 50% more medicine than the leading patch.
    • Flexible, no mess fabric


    Advanced relief at the point of pain. Patch has 50% more medicine than the leading patch. Long lasting relief and flexible, no mess fabric. Temporarily relieves minor pain associated with: arthritis, simple backache, muscle strains, sprains, bruises and cramps. Icy to dull the pain...hot to relax it away.


    Adults and children over 12 years:

    Apply IcyHot Medicated Patch right away after you remove it from the sealed package. Do not use a patch if the package is not sealed.

    Remove backing from patch by grasping both ends firmly and gently pulling until the backing separates in middle. Carefully remove backing from patch and apply to the affected area.

    Wash your hands with soap and water immediately after you apply the patch.

    Do not apply more than 4 times daily.

    Do not apply to wounds or damaged, broken (open), or irritated skin.

    Do not bandage or wrap the affected area.

    Do not use IcyHot Medicated Patch with a heating pad.

    Do not expose the treated area to heat or direct sunlight. Warm or hot water or sunlight may increase the likelihood of burning or itching.

    Do not use IcyHot PM Medicated Patch immediately after bathing, swimming, using a hot tub, sunbathing, or exposure to heat.

    If you miss a dose of IcyHot PM Medicated Patch, use it as soon as you remember. Continue to use it as directed by your doctor or on the package label.


    Menthol 7.5%

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