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We wish all a Happy 4th of July! Our office and distribution center will be closed Friday, July 3rd. We will resume business as usual Monday, July 6th. Please continue to shop and place orders via our website. is a licensed US pharmacy. We offer an industry leading 90-day return policy with no restocking fees and only sell products which are FDA approved and legal for sale in the United States. We consistently achieve high scores in customer satisfaction and offer some of the best prices anywhere. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction. If for any reason, you are dissatisfied with your purchase, our service, or even our website, we will do everything possible to make it right. This is our commitment to you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Website and Technical Questions

    1. Why can't I make a purchase, checkout, login, or create an account on your website?
    2. Is your online order system secure?

    Ordering Prescription Drugs

    1. Do you have a license to sell prescription drugs?
    2. What makes you better than other online pharmacies?
    3. How does the online prescription ordering process work?
    4. Can I transfer my prescription to from another pharmacy?
    5. What manufacturers do you use?
    6. After several days my prescription order is still processing?
    7. Can you call my doctor to get my prescription?
    8. Do you sell controlled substances?
    9. Do you accept Insurance?

    General Ordering Questions

    1. Which forms of payment do you accept?
    2. Do you send an order confirmation to me?
    3. My order did not go through, but my credit card was still charged?


    1. Do you ship internationally?
    2. How long does it take for orders to ship?
    3. What are your shipping rates?

    Returns and Refunds

    1. How do I return an Item?
    2. What is your refund policy? is a fully licensed US pharmacy is a fully licensed US pharmacy that has been approved to sell prescription drugs in the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

    We have applied for prescription licenses in all remaining states. If your state did not appear above, please check back periodically to see when we've added your state.

    We are a US based, FDA regulated pharmacy, which is not true of many online pharmacies

    We are based in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area and are fully regulated by the federal government of the United States. As a result, we must source our drugs from trustworthy FDA approved manufacturers, and you can be assured of the safety and efficacy of the medications we sell. Additionally, we are committed to customer service and consistently achieve high customer satisfaction ratings. Presently, 90% of our business comes from repeat users and we count more than 75,000 customers.

    Prescription ordering is a simple two step process

    1. Have your doctor fax your prescription to 1-888-870-2808 or telephone one of our pharmacists at 1-800-748-7001 (Option 2), Monday through Friday, from 8:00am until 7:00pm, Eastern. You may always mail your prescription directly to us.
    2. Place your order using our website. We then match the prescription with your order and ship your product. Please note that you may place your order before or after we receive your prescription. However, we cannot ship your order until we have received and verified your prescription.

    Transferring your prescriptions to is easy

    Follow these three easy steps to receive your medication:

    1. Find your medications by browsing our Pharmacy section or using our Search feature and then add them to your shopping cart.
    2. Proceed to checkout and pay for your items.
    3. We'll contact your current pharmacy with the information you provided to transfer your prescription to and promptly ship your medication.

    Note: In the case your current pharmacy refuses or delays transfer of your prescription, we may need to contact your doctor for a new prescription. While most reputable pharmacies do transfer promptly, we cannot guarantee how long the process will take.

    We use high quality generic manufacturers

    We are likely supplied by the same generic manufacturers as your current brick and mortar pharmacy. Some of our manufacturers include Teva, Watson, Sandoz, Apotex, Mylan, Dr. Reddy's and Cobalt. As a licensed and regulated US pharmacy, we can only dispense FDA approved medications. Please feel free to contact us if you have a question about the manufacturer of your particular medication.

    We have not received your prescription or to date are unable to verify it

    Doctors occasionally forget or are slow to fax or phone us your prescription, delaying the shipment of your drugs. Also If your doctor did not directly fax or phone in your prescription to us we are required by law to verify it. We attempt to phone or fax your doctor, but sometimes they do not contact us for several days. Until we are able to verify your prescription we cannot ship your order.

    We can contact your doctor under certain circumstances

    If you are an existing customer of pharmacy, and the prescription we have on file for you has run out of refills or recently expired, we will be happy to contact your doctor to request a new, renewal prescription. This will delay your order as doctor's offices do not often respond as quickly as we would like, sometimes for days. If it is a prescription that we have never filled for you, however, you or your doctor will need to send us a new prescription as we do not "solicit" new prescriptions. If we have never filled any prescriptions for you, you or your doctor are required to send us a new prescription regardless of the nature of the drug being ordered. Prescriptions cannot be faxed to us by the patient or customer and must be either mailed or sent to us directly by the doctor's office via fax or telephone call. By law, we cannot request prescription renewals for any Schedule II controlled substances.

    We do dispense many prescribed controlled substances

    As a fully licensed and regulated pharmacy, we are able to dispense controlled substances with a valid prescription. Please be advised that there are several guidelines and regulations that must be followed regarding these medications.

    For Schedule II controlled substances, a physical, hard copy prescription must be mailed to us by either the patient or the doctor. We cannot accept prescriptions for Schedule II controlled substances by fax or telephone from the doctor.

    For all other controlled substances (Schedule III, IV, and V), patients cannot under any circumstances fax a prescription to us for these medications. The original physical, hard copy prescription must be mailed to us, or the prescribing doctor may fax us a prescription directly from the office or may provide the prescription information over the telephone with one of our pharmacists.

    We cannot dispense more than a 30 day supply of any Schedule II controlled substance and refills cannot be prescribed. For Schedule III, IV, and V controlled substances, we cannot dispense more than a 180 day supply and cannot hold more than a 180 day supply on file, including refills. Various state laws may further limit these guidelines. All controlled substances are shipped with Signature Confirmation, requiring an adult to sign for receipt of the package. Other additional restrictions may be imposed by the state to which the medication is being shipped. Please contact our pharmacy directly for additional information or concerns.

    We do not accept any form of insurance.

    One of the ways we have managed to keep our prices down, is to not process through Insurance Companies. This also allows us to fill for larger quantities than insurance companies typically restrict. For non-controlled substances, we can ship up to a year supply all at once. Simply ask your prescribing physician to write for the quantity that you want. This can save you time and money.

    We accept all major credit cards

    We accept Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB credit cards. You will be required to enter your credit card information each time you place an order unless you opt to save your credit card information. If you choose to save your credit card information on file, you may edit or delete that information at any time through the Account Manager section of your online account.

    Yes, we send an order confirmation to you

    When you have completed a purchase, you will receive two order confirmation emails with the details of your order. If you do not receive the confirmation emails, please check your Spam Folder of your email program or contact us.

    Your order is considered "pending" by your bank or credit card company.

    Your bank or credit card company will immediately hold the funds even when a transaction fails. However, once they see that the transaction was declined from our side they will typically return your money in 24 to 48 hours.

    We do not ship internationally

    Presently, we are unable to accept international orders. We only ship to US and US Territories that are serviced by the United States Postal Service. Prescription drug orders can only be shipped to a state or territory in which we are currently licensed.

    You can expect the following shipping times

    For insulin and refrigerated drugs, we only ship via UPS Next Day Air, which is already included in the price. We only ship insulin and refrigerated drugs Monday - Thursday to ensure timely, temperature controlled delivery.

    For all other orders, you can expect the following shipping times. Please note that prescription items cannot be shipped until a valid, verified prescription is on file. Please add 1 to 2 business days for processing over-the-counter (OTC) orders and 3 to 4 business days for processing prescription orders:

    • Standard Ground Shipping - 2 to 9 business days depending on your location.
    • 2-Day Shipping via UPS - processing time + 2 business days.
    • Next Day Shipping via UPS - processing time + 1 business day.

    We offer free shipping

    We offer free standard shipping for all orders regardless of size. Please note that 100% FREE shipping orders do not come with a tracking number. For customers who require a tracking number, we ship via UPS for a flat fee of $5.95.

    We also offer a Signature Confirmation shipping option for $3.95. UPS 2-Day shipping is $15.95. UPS Next Day shipping is $29.95 up to 20 pounds and $2.99 for each additional pound.

    How to return an Item

    Just call or email us to confirm the return. We are prohibited by law from accepting returns for prescription drugs. We can be reached by phone at 1-866-885-0508 from 9am to 6pm Eastern. We return every call we receive.

    You can also email us at Returns Center. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please see How to Enable Javascript.

    You can return your purchase for up to 90 days from the purchase date, with no restocking fees

    If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will be happy to accept a return for a full refund. We are prohibited by law from accepting returns for prescription drugs. You can return any other purchase for up to 90 days from the purchase date, with no restocking fees. Products must be in the condition you received them and in the original box. If there is a problem with your product, please do not worry about sending it back to the manufacturer, we'll take care of it for you. By law, we cannot accept any returns for prescription medications.

    We are secure

    Yes, we use a SSL Security to ensure that all transactions are safe and secure. Health Warehouse employs a professional engineering team whose number one priority is keeping your information private, safe, and secure. You will notice "https" listed in the web address of your browser during the checkout process and when accessing your account information. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a combination of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol with the SSL/TLS protocol to provide encrypted communication and secure identification of a network web server. HTTPS connections are often used for payment transactions on the World Wide Web and for sensitive transactions in corporate information systems.

    Many problems related to making a purchase, checking out, logging in, or creating an account; are caused by the settings of your web browser.

    These problems may be solved by:

    1. Enabling Cookies.
    2. Enabling Javascript.

    Simply follow the directions below on how to enable cookies or enable javascript and you should be able to continue with your purchase.

    Javascript Test:

    If you do not see the message "Javascript Test: PASSED", please see How to Enable Javascript and don't forget to refresh your browser. If the Javascript Test passed, but you are still experiencing problems, please see How to Enable Cookies.

    If you are still experiencing problems placing an order online, please give us a call at 1-800-748-7001 and we would be happy to help you and take your order over the phone.

    How to Enable Cookies

    Cookies, more commonly referred to as web cookies, http cookies, or tracking cookies are pieces of information that are stored by your computer to remember aspects of your visit to our website. Cookies are used for authenticating, session tracking (state maintenance), and maintaining information, such as site preferences or the contents of your electronic shopping carts.

    Here are basic instructions for adjusting your browser to allow cookies. If the browser you use is not listed, please consult your documentation or online help associated with your browsers.

    If you are unsure of what type of browser version you have, simply open your browser, click on "Help", and click the "About" option.

    Internet Explorer 6.x and 7.x :

    1. Click on the Tools-menu.
    2. Select Internet Options in the menu - a new window opens.
    3. Click on the Privacy tab near the top of the window.
    4. Move the slider so that it is on one of the levels below Medium High (including Medium, Low, Accept All Cookies).
    5. Save changes by clicking Ok.

    Mozilla Firefox :

    1. Click on the Tools-menu in Mozilla.
    2. Click on the Options item in the menu - a new window opens.
    3. Click on the Privacy tab.
    4. Expand the Cookies section.
    5. Check the Enable cookies and Accept cookies normally checkboxes.
    6. Save changes by clicking Ok.

    Chrome :

    1. Click on the tools icon on the top right
    2. Select Options
    3. Select the "Under the Hood" Tab
    4. Scroll to the bottom where it says "Cookie Settings"
    5. Select "Allow all Cookies"

    Safari :

    1. Click on the Safari-menu in Safari.
    2. Click on the Preferences... item in the menu - a new window opens.
    3. Click on the Security icon near the top of the window.
    4. Under Accept Cookies the Always or Only from sites you navigate to must be selected.
    5. Save changes by clicking Ok.

    Opera 8.x, 9.x :

    1. Click on the Tools-menu in Opera.
    2. Click on the Preferences... item in the menu - a new window opens.
    3. Click on the Privacy selection near the bottom left of the window.
    4. The Enable cookies checkbox must be checked, and Accept all cookies should be selected in the "Normal coookies" drop-down.
    5. Save changes by clicking Ok.

    Netscape 7.x :

    1. Click on the Edit-menu in Netscape.
    2. Click on the Preferences... item in the menu - a new window opens.
    3. Expand the Privacy & Security selection in the left part of the window.
    4. Click on the Cookies selection.
    5. Under Cookie Acceptance Policy - either check the Enable all cookies checkbox or Allow cookies based on policy settings.
    6. If Allow cookies based on policy settings is selected, click on View and ensure that the level is at low or medium.
    7. Save changes by clicking Ok.

    How to Enable Javascript

    JavaScript is a scripting language most often used for client-side web development. It was the originating dialect of the ECMAScript standard. It is a dynamic, weakly typed, prototype-based language with first-class functions. JavaScript was influenced by many languages and was designed to look like Java, but be easier for non-programmers to work with.

    Here are basic instructions for enabling JavaScript.

    Internet Explorer 6.x and 7.x :

    1. Select Tools | Internet Options… menu item from the main menu.
    2. Change to the Security tab at the top of the Internet Options window that pops up.
    3. From the list of zones at the top of the Security options select the internet icon.
    4. Select the button near the bottom that reads Custom Level.
    5. In the new window that pops up, scroll down to the item that reads Active Scripting.
    6. Select the option marked Enable.

    Mozilla Firefox :

    1. Select Tools | Options... from the main menu.
    2. Select Content button from the top row of options.
    3. Select "Enable JavaScript."

    Safari :

    1. Select Preferences from the Safari menu.
    2. Select Security tab at the top.
    3. Make sure "Enable JavaScript" is checked.

    Opera 8.x, 9.x :

    1. Select Tools | Quick Preferences ... from the main menu.
    2. Make sure "Enable JavaScript" is checked.

    Netscape 7.x :

    1. Select Edit | Preferences… menu item from the main menu.
    2. Click on the Advanced label displayed in the list of options on the left hand side of the Preferences window that pops up.
    3. On the right hand side select the checkbox marked Enable Javascript for Navigator.



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