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    Bayer Ascensia Breeze2 Diabetic Test Strips - 50 Strips

    Bayer Breeze2 Diabetic Test Strips - 50 Strips
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    Product Summary

    • For use with Bayer Breeze2 Meter
    • 5 discs of 10-test strip discs (50 total)
    • No individual test strip handling
    • No coding required
    • Small blood sample (1µL) required

    How do Breeze 2 test strips work?

    A product of Bayer, Breeze 2 test strips are used to monitor blood glucose levels.
    These strips are made of plastic and are coated with a type of enzyme called glucose dehydrogenase or glucose oxidase. After a drop of blood is placed on the end of the strip, the glucose in the blood reacts to the enzyme on the strip. This strip is then placed in a meter which reads and displays the blood sugar level. You will need the Bayer Breeze2 meter to monitor your blood glucose levels with these strips.

    How to use Bayer Breeze 2 test strips?

    The Bayer Breeze2 test strip is easy to use. All you have to do is place a drop of blood on the right side of the strip.  The strip can then be inserted into the Bayer glucose monitoring system for results. Make sure you insert the strip into the monitoring system correctly.

    Precautions to take when using Bayer Breeze 2 test strips

    Before you use the test strips for glucose monitoring, it is important that you:

    • Wash your finger before extracting a drop of blood. Make sure your finger is dried properly to avoid the risk of infection at the prick site.
    • Do not handle food, drink or apply lotions or cream, or any other ointment before drawing a drop of blood.
    • Keep the test strips in a safe and dry place. Do not place them in the refrigerator or a wet place before using them.
    • Check the strip to see if it is damaged or broken.
    • If you regularly use test strips, avoid pricking the same finger or the same spot every time. This can increase the risk of infections and can also cause hard spots.
    • To minimize the pain, extract blood by pricking the side of the finger rather than the tip.
    • You can use a lancing device to prick your finger for a blood sample.

    Are there any risks involved?

    Since the test strips are only used to monitor your blood glucose level, there are no side effects. However, these strips may not give 100% accurate results. It is important that you follow the instructions that come with the Bayer glucose monitoring system. If you are confused or have any questions, you can ask your doctor or pharmacist.

    Buy Bayer Breeze 2 test strips

    You can now purchase Bayer Breeze 2 test strips online at You can carry the monitoring system and strips with you wherever you go. Monitoring and managing your blood sugar level is the key to better health.



    The new Breeze2 system provides accuracy every time.

    No coding required. No individual strip handling. Just Easier.

    Bayers Commitment

    Bayer is committed to helping people with diabetes experience life’s possibilities.

    That’s why Bayer is introducing the new Ascensia Breeze2 blood glucose monitoring system, using the new BREEZE®2 10-test disc. Just load and go! Test 10 times without reloading and there is no coding required for easy accuracy every time.


    - No Coding required.

    - No individual Test Strip Handling

    - NEW Results in 5 seconds

    - NEW Small sample (1µL) required

    - Large easy-to-read display

    - Easy-to-use single function buttons

    - Automatic error detection and messaging

    - Supports Diabetes Management Software

    - NEW 420 test memory

    - Automatic underfill detection ensures enough blood to perform each test successfully

    - Alternate Site Testing (AST)

    Limited Dexterity

    The Ascensia Breeze2 system is ideal for people with limited dexterity due to arthritis.

    In fact, the system even earned the Ease of Use Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation (US and Canada).


    For help with your product, please call the Bayer Easy C.A.R.E. hotline at 1-800-266-1139. Support for meters is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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    Works Great on Dogs | Review by The Dog Tester

    Our yellow laborador got diabetes in Feb. 2008. Our vet uses the Ascencia Breeze 2 meter, so we decided to try one. It works great since you can use one hand to get the meter armed with a test strip. As you can imagine, testing a dog is not easy, but this meter makes it a "breeze." I've been buying my test strips from for months. Great service and a great price on the strips.

    Ascenia Breeze 2 Glucometer strips | Review by Linda G. Miller "Linda Miller ICU nurse"

    Being a diabetic is a costly disease. Health plan's don't often cover certain brands of glucometer supplies. So I went on the search for this product on the internet. The product is a 50% savings over pharmacy prices including the big chains. The are shipped within a reasonable time and the product is the same as you would pay for at a Pharmacy. Great product, good delivery, more savings for the people who need this product and ,especially when not covered by your HMO, L Miller Rn
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