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    Accu-chek Inform II Control Solution- 2.5ml

    Product ID: A10112316

    Accu-chek Inform II Control Solution- 2.5ml

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    Product Summary

    • Contains a level 1 & level 2 control solution
    • Use with Accu-chek Inform II
    • Automatically detects that you are not using blood


    The Accu-Chek Inform II Control pack contains two control solutions, one for the hypoglycemic range (control solution 1, gray cap) and one for the hyperglycemic range (control solution 2, white cap).


    Test control solutions the same way a blood sample is tested. See the meter Operator’s Manual for specific use instructions. Put the meter on a flat surface, such as a table. Remove the control bottle cap. Wipe the tip of the bottle with a lintfree wipe. Squeeze the bottle until a tiny drop forms at the tip. Touch the drop to the front edge of the yellow window of the test strip. The meter will indicate when sufficient control solution is in the test strip. Wipe the tip of the bottle with a lint-free wipe, then cap the bottle tightly. The result appears on the display. Remove and discard the used test strip per facility policy. You can also compare the result with the acceptable range printed on the test strip container label. If the result is within the acceptable range, correct functioning of the system is assured. If the result lies outside the range given or if an error message is displayed, repeat the test. If the same applies to the second result, contact Roche at 1-800-440-3638.


    Glucose, Butter, Biological Salt, Preservative, Nonreactive ingredients, FD&C Blue #1


    Keep out of reach of children.

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