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    DiaResQ Child Diarrhea Soothing Relief Powder Packets Vanilla 3ct

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    DiaResQ Child Diarrhea Soothing Relief Powder Packets Vanilla 3ct

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    Product Summary

    • DiaResQ is a different kind of product because it is not a drug or antibiotic; its a food that provides nutrients for children with diarrhea
    • Made from naturally derived ingredients, and is safe and gentle for children 1YR+
    • Works rapidly to relieve intestinal distress for your little one, provides important nutrients, and is easy to take (only once daily)


    With their smaller bodies and immature immune systems, kids are especially vulnerable to the debilitating effects of diarrhea, including dehydration and nutritional depletion. An average child in the US will experience 7-15 episodes of diarrhea by the time they are 5 years old,* with most of these cases being described as moderate to severe by parents.** DiaResQ not only brings quick and soothing relief of intestinal distress, it also provides important, naturally derived nutrients. We recommend using 3 packets over the course of 3 days, though relief has been reported with just 1 packet (within 24 hours). Consume one packet per day until the diarrhea episode concludes. DiaResQ is a Food for Special Dietary Use a category having oversight by the Food and Drug Administration. DiaResQ provides nutrients that are beneficial for people with diarrhea. This product is safe for children 1 year old and up and is intended for episodes of diarrhea. Not intended for chronic diarrhea. DiaResQ is Gluten Free. CONTAINS EGG AND MILK.


    Instructions: Fill enclosed cup with water to the 30ml line. Add powder from one packet. Secure lid and shake until the contents are fully dispersed. Immediately drink the entire contents of the cup. Consume one packet per day.


    Bovine (cow) colostrum, egg solids, silicon dioxide, vanilla flavor, Sucralose. Contains egg and milk.


    Stop Use Indications: Contact doctor if symptoms do not improve after 24 hours, fever over 101, signs of dehydration, or blood in stool. Keep out of reach of children.

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