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    Similasan Kids Cold & Mucus Relief Grape Flavor Syrup - 4.0 oz

    Product ID: A10167557

    Similasan Kids Cold & Mucus Relief Grape Flavor Syrup - 4.0 oz

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    Product Summary

    • Relieves cough and fever
    • Use for chest and head congestion
    • 100% natural active ingredients


    Give your kids relief without harsh chemicals while boosting their natural defenses*. Temporarily relieves symptoms of cold and mucus for ages 2 and up. We all want our little ones to feel better when they have a cough or cold, but many parents are concerned about giving too many harsh chemicals. Traditional over-the-counter cough medicines use chemicals to mask symptoms. Similasan works differently, by using natural active ingredients to stimulate the body's natural defenses and target the root cause so your little one can feel better without harsh chemicals. Trusted by pharmacists and families in Switzerland for over 35 years, Similasan is a leading Swiss brand of remedies that use natural active ingredients instead of harsh chemicals to keep families healthy. Our state of the art facility located near the Swiss Alps makes over 190 popular remedies for children and adults: cough and cold, eye care, ear care, nasal allergies and more. Similasan has been voted by the readers of Reader's Digest the most trusted Swiss healthcare brand 14 years in a row. *The uses of our products are in compliance with official Homeopathic Compendia. They were not the subject of approved applications reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration prior to marketing.


    For children age 2 and over:. Age: 2-12, Dose: 2.5 ml (½ tsp), Frequency: 3 to 6 times daily (every 4 hours). Age: 12+, Dose: 5 ml (1 tsp), Frequency: 3 to 6 times daily (every 4 hours). • Replace cap tightly after every use. • Or use as directed by a licensed health care professional.


    Inactive Ingredients: Citric Acid; Grape Flavor; Purified Water; Sorbitol Ingredients: Active Ingredients: Belladonna 6X, Drosera (Sundew) 4X, Echinacea (Pale Purple Coneflower) 6X, Laurocerasus (Cherry Laurel) 4X, Rumex Crispus (Yellow Dock) 4X, Senega Officinalis (Mountain Flax) 6X, Verbascum Thapsus (Common Mullein) 6X, Zincum Metallicum (Zinc) 12X. Purpose: Sore Throat, Cough, Mucus; Containing 0.0000000016% Alkaloids Calculated as Hyoscyamine; Spasmodic/Hacking/Tickling Cough; Immune Stimulant; Hacking, Dry Cough; Hoarse Throat, Nasal Congestion; Dry Cough Worse with Cold Air; Nasal Congestion, Mucus; Dry/Hacking/Tickling Cough; Hoarse Throat; Spasmodic Cough at Night; Roughness/Dryness/Soreness in Throat, Cough. Inactive Ingredients: Citric Acid, Grape Flavor, Purified Water, Sorbitol.


    Do not use: in case of hypersensitivity/allergy to the ingredients. Stop use and ask a doctor if: symptoms worsen or persist for more than 72 hours. Pregnancy/breast-feeding warning: If pregnant, trying to get pregnant or breast feeding, ask a health professional before use. Keep out of reach of children. In case of accidental overdose, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away. Other warnings: According to homeopathic principles, symptoms may temporarily worsen before improving (initial exacerbation of symptoms). Do not exceed recommended dosage. This product is labeled as homeopathic and has not been reviewed by the FDA for safety and effectiveness to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent or mitigate any diseases or conditions. Not intended for children under 2. A persistent cough may be a sign of a serious condition. For your protection do not use if tamper evident seal around neck of bottle is missing or broken.

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