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    GNP Lancing Device

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    GNP Lancing Device

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    Product Summary

    • Compact design, highly portable
    • Simple to use
    • Adjustable depth dial for less pain
    • Works with most general use lancets

    Package Contents

    1 - Lancing Device

    1 - Instructions for Use (Read before use)


    Remarkably simple to use - just four easy steps. Lightweight, portable design with comfortable trigger button for one-hand lancing. Quick, easy lancet insertion and disposal. Five depth settings ensure optimum skin penetratrion. Durable, trouble-free operation.



    1. Gather Lancinf Device and Lancets.

    2. Wash hands using soap and warm water. After rinsing completely, dry thoroughly.

    3. Twist off End Cap of Lancing Device. Push Lancet firmly into holder.

    4.Remove Lancet top. Save top for safe disposal of used Lancet.

    5. Replace End Cap.


    1. Select Lancing Depth by turning Depth Dial to desired number. Finer adjustments can be made by setting arrow between the numbers.

    Guide for Lancing Depth:

    - 1-2 for soft/thick skin.

    - 3 for average skin.

    - 4-5 for thick/calloused skin.

    2. Lower hand to waist level. Gently massage your finger to get blood flowing.

    3. Arm device by holding end cap in one hand and arming barrell in other. Gently pull arming barrell until a click is heard.


    1. Press end cap firmly against finger. Firm pressure ensures a deeper lance.

    2. Press trigger button.

    3. Lift lancing device away from finger, set aside.

    4. Test blood according to manufacturer's instructions for use.


    If you have a question or comments about this product, please call 1-800-803-6025 or visit www.homediagnostics.com

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