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    Cara Water Bottle With Stopper Economy

    Cara Water Bottle With Stopper Economy

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    Product Summary

    • Fill with hot water to remedy aches, pains and sports injuries or just to help get a good night's sleep
    • Fill with cold water and crushed ice for cold treatment of aches, pains and sprains
    • Made from natural rubber; retains heat for an extra long time and conforms to your body
    Water Bottle

    Cara's Water Bottle is recommended for use when hot or cold applications are needed to soothe pain and muscle aches. For warm or cold applications. 2 quart (1900 mL) bottle with stopper.

    Use only plain tap water in the bottle. Using anything other than plain tap water could destroy or damage the bottle. For Warm Application: Fill bottle 3/4 full with tap water only. (Caution: Tap water can cause burns.) For Cold Application: Fill bottle 3/4 full with cold water or crushed ice. Let out excess air before placing stopper into threaded opening. Turn stopper so it fits securely into threads and tighten. Test for leakage by turning bottle upside down and pressing down on the bottle firmly. After Use and Storage: Before storage, rinse bottle thoroughly with luke warm water. Hang open bottle upside down to drain and air-dry. Store bottle flat in dark, cool, dry place. Do not place heavy or sharp objects on top of bottle.

    Carefully examine bottle before each application. If bottle shows signs of wear, it should not be used. Do not use boiling water or strong chemicals in bottle. Do not place bottle on radiator or permit contact with hot metal. Do not fold, sit, or lie on bottle during usage. For either hot or cold applications to sensitive skin areas, wrap soft cloth or towel around bottle. Avoid contact with ointments which may contain oil or other ingredients injurious to rubber. If contact is unavoidable, wash bottle promptly with soap and water. Do not expose bottle to direct sunlight or other heat. This product contains dry natural rubber.

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