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    Bayer Contour Diabetic Test Strips - 50 Strips

    Bayer Contour Diabetic Test Strips - 50 Strips

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    Product Summary

    • For use with Bayer Ascensia Contour Meter
    • Flip-top bottle opens, closes and handles easily.
    • Bottle design keeps strips fresh up to 6 months after opening.
    • Easy viewing window of sample fills using Sip-in Sampling Technology.
    • Meter automatically turns on when test strip is inserted and does not require coding.

    What are Contour test strips?

    Diabetic test strips are used by people suffering from diabetes to monitor their blood sugar level and manage it accordingly. Bayer’s Contour test strips can be used with a monitoring system to accurately identify blood sugar levels.

    How do Bayer Contour test strips work?

    The test strip is easy to use. It is made from plastic and is coated with a layer of enzymes. These enzymes can be either glucose oxidase or glucose dehydrogenase. Once a drop of blood is placed on the end of the strip, the strip can be inserted into the monitoring system. The monitoring system will then send electric currents through the strip which will enable it to read the exact sugar level in the blood.

    Who should use Bayer test strips?

    Individuals with type 1 or 2 diabetes and who take insulin are recommended to check their blood sugar levels at least 3 times a day. On the other hand, individuals who have type 2 diabetes and do not take insulin should consult with their doctor to find out how often they should check their blood sugar levels. Testing sugar levels will allows patients to manage their sugar intake and medication.

    Steps to use Contour strips

    Make sure you have your strip, lancing device and monitoring system before you draw a drop of blood. Here are the basic steps:

    • Wash your hands and dry them well
    • Remove the end cap from the lancing device
    • Insert  the lancet firmly until it comes to a stop
    • Press the end-cap firmly against the finger and press the release button
    • Stroke your finger around the prick site to form a drop of blood. Make sure you don’t squeeze the puncture site
    • Place the strip over the drop of blood that has formed on the puncture site
    • The strip will absorb the blood and will display  the results on the monitoring machine

    Precautions to take

    Before using the contour glucose strips, make sure you:

    • Do not share the lancing device with any other individual
    • Your hands should be washed and dried properly
    • Keep the strips in a clean and dry place since humidity, extreme heat, and sunlight can damage the enzymes on the strips
    • Do not use the strip if it appears broken
    • Do not use the same prick site for another sample of blood

    What risks are involved?

    Unlike medication, test strips are not for ingestion and have no effect on the body. The only risk that comes with using test strips may be inaccurate results. You can always ask your doctor for help and learn how to accurately use a glucose monitoring system.

    Buy Bayer contour strips

    The improved Bayer Ascensia Contour Test Strips make testing blood sugar levels fast, easy and accurate. Contour Test Strips feature a unique flip-top bottle design that opens and closes very easily, making it perfect for users of all ages. The strips stay fresh up to 6 months after opening with the patented bottle design which features a built in desiccant. A window on the strips makes it easy to see when the strip fills with blood.

    No Coding Required

    These diabetes test strips automatically calibrate the blood glucose meter each time new test strips are used so there is no coding required!

    Automatic Calibration

    Ensures accurate results every time with fewer steps. Sip-in Sampling ensures the right amount of blood is quickly wicked onto the strip.

    Small Sample Size

    The Ascensia Contour Test Strips need a small amount of blood for proper blood glucose test results. (0.6 microliters of blood required)

    Alternate Test Sites

    Alternate Site Testing allows for teston on sites such as the palm, or forearm. Utilizing alternate site testing may reduce pain caused by repetitive testing on the same area.

    15 Second Test Results

    The test results are ready in merely 15 seconds.

    I highly recommend these strips | Review by Jay

    This is by far the best price I have found for these strips... about half of what they would cost in the drug store. The Ascensia system works great... I have a hookup to my computer and enter my own exercise and diet information... the program then gives results for glucose trends that I can take to my doctor. Very handy!! All the best, Jay

    Fantastic price for testing strips! | Review by stressfreeliving

    As a diabetic that does not have health insurance, I appreciate the prices of HealthWarehouse. The price of the Ascensia Contour test strip is one of the best prices out there, especially when doing a comparison to drug store pharmacies. The test strips were packed very well and I received them via UPS very quickly. In just a few days.

    Great Product/Great Price | Review by Cindy

    I use the Ascensia Contour daily and this is the best price I have ever found for the product. They cost almost $55 at Wally World and are $47 with my insurance. I bought 4 boxes during each transaction (2). The delivery is VERY fast. By the way, my expiration dates were mid to late 2009. I highly recommend it.

    Exactly as described at great price | Review by Bass Man

    This item arrived fast, as ordered, and in perfect new condition. Price was 44% lower than local discount store.

    Great price great service | Review by jef

    The best price any where, this is my second purchase and the price today is even better the first. This order should last me the rest of the year. Thanks jef

    Great Price! | Review by karen

    I use these to home test my diabetic dog's glucose. A great find at this price compared to $150 for a day of testing at the vet's!

    Good Buy | Review by Lotus

    Arrived fast, no problems!

    Good Deal | Review by Robert

    Just ordered 2 boxes of 50 strips each for less than I would pay for 1 box at local pharmacy. Will do business with these folk again as long as they continue giving good prices and service.

    Speedy Gonzales | Review by joannasinging

    Great price..great service...great delivery time. Time quoted for USPostal Office was up to 9 days..ordered on Friday..got them on Monday. Thanks for this great service to my husband who is a total insulin diabetic and now we know we can beat the "store" prices.

    Great Deal | Review by KK

    I found the best price here for testing supplies and free shipping - I paid less than half what it costs in the store to buy test strips. Thay are the exact same brand. They were here in 3 days. The expiration date was well over a year from now. I couldn't be more pleased and I will definately buy from this company again.

    Best price I have found! | Review by HappyinSC

    I am also a diabetic without healthcare insurance. The price per box of these test strips is better than any I have found locally or online. I highly recommend them. Will be buying my strips from this site in the future!

    I will spread the word!!! | Review by Sharon

    As soon as I lost my health insurance I was diagnosed with diabetes and my doctor wanted me to test 3 times a day. Due to the fact that I would be buying a meter and testing strips out of my pocket, I started shopping around. That is when I discovered that I cannot afford to manage this disease. My heart sanked. I began to neglect and ignored the diabetes, but I did try to eat right but I didn't test. I began to surf the net and stumbled upon this site and decided to test it to see if it was true, so I made a order for the strips. It's True!! The prices were well within my price range and now I can afford to manage my diabetes on my own. I have no excuses now. I will spread the word! Stay out of the stores.

    I just wanted to say "Thank You" | Review by Karen

    Being unemployed and uninsured,it is very expensive to manage my diabetes because I simply could not afford the strips. I found this site and I felt that the prices were to good to be true. So I order a box of these test strip for the $25.00 on 5/15/09 and they arrive today--5/18/09. It is true! These test strips are about $55.00 at my local drug store. Now I can afford to pay out of my pocket and strive to be healthy! All I can say is Thank you, thank you, thank you!! for thinking about us with no insurance.

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