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Mid Nite PM Chewable Single Tablet Doses 28ct
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Product Summary

MidNite PM
Say Goodnite to tossing and turning.

MidNite PM has the same blend of natural sleep ingredients as Original MidNite, however it also contains a natural ingredient that helps relieve occasional minor pain.

Now MidNite PM comes in chewable, single-dose tablets that you can take right from bed without the need for water. Keep them by your bedside and reach for a tablet if you are having trouble relaxing so you can get to sleep or fall back to sleep. Studies prove that exposure to light and sensory stimulation makes it more difficult to get back to sleep. That's why MidNite PM's new and unique bedside dosage form is an important feature.
Numerous clinical and safety tests have proven the safety, non-toxicity, and effectiveness of the ingredients in MidNite PM.??
MidNite PM’s four natural sleep ingredients include melatonin (1.5 mg. of European melatonin) and a proprietary blend of lavender, lemon balm and chamomile (22 mcg.). The blend was developed to provide optimal results.
MidNite PM also contains Bromelain (400 mg.), a natural ingredient derived from pineapples that helps relieve occasional minor pain.

MidNite PM works differently from other PM products.

Unlike products that work by “knocking you out”, MidNite PM does not cause sedation. It actually works to relax you so your natural sleep cycle can take over.
Because MidNite PM is non-sedating, you can take it anytime up to three hours before you wish to awaken - even in the middle of the night. It will not cause morning grogginess, affect your mood, alertness, or ability to function normally with a clear head if taken as directed.
Important Facts About MidNite PM:
The use of sedatives as in some other sleep remedies can lead to a less natural sleep pattern and less restful sleep.
Unlike other PM products using pain reliever drugs, MidNite PM uses a natural pain reliever that does not cause stomach irritation or liver damage.
MidNite PM contains no drug ingredients whatsoever.
MidNite PM is gluten and lactose free.
MidNite PM's pleasant tasting tablets are not cavity causing.
Unlike over the counter PM drugs, there are no specific reasons why you should not be able to take MidNite if you suffer from Bronchitis, Glaucoma or Prostrate problems.

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