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Ezy-Dose 7-Day Pill Chest
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Product Summary
Pill Chest

The Ezy-Dose 7-Day Pill Chest offers many convenient and helpful features to assist you in taking your medication on time. The unit consists of seven individual Four-A-Day Pill Reminders. Each Pill Reminder contains four separate compartments for storing medication and is printed with raised lettering and braille showing the time of day you would commonly take your medication: breakfast, lunch, supper and bedtime. Each day of the week is printed on each individual pill box, allowing you to set up a full week's medication at one time. The 7-Day Pill Chest includes a crystal clear plastic tray which holds the 7 individual Pill Reminders. For added convenience, each day of the week is also imprinted on each side of the tray so you always know where the individual Pill Reminders go once removed. Each compartment holds approximately 6 aspirin tablets. Contents: One 7-Day Pill Chest and one Medical Information Card.

To remove an individual pill reminder, simply grasp the ends and pull upward and out of the tray with a gentle rocking motion. To insert the Pill Reminders back into the tray, close all covers on the Pill Reminder tightly. Line up the tabs on the cover with the slots in the tray. Push down until the Pill Reminder snaps into place. A double-sided Medical Information Card is included for your convenience. Fill the card out with the appropriate information and place it upside down in the bottom of the tray so that it is visible through the bottom of the pill tray.
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