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Drive Deluxe Trigger Release Folding Walker with 5" Wheels
Product ID: 999872
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Product Summary
  • Vinyl contoured hand grip
  • Durable, composite trigger release
  • 350 lb. Weight capacity
  • Includes rear glide caps, and glide covers
  • Custom walker adjustments

Product Features

Precision design provides additional strength while adding minimal weight.

Sturdy 1" diameter anodized, extruded aluminum tubing construction ensures maximum strength while remaining light-weight.

Dual palm trigger release: ideal for individuals with limited finger dexterity and can be reached with hands of all sizes.

Walker goes in a triangle position to go trough smaller doorways with out taking your hands off the walker.

Custom Walker Adjustments

- With your arms extended down, handle should be at wrist height.

- With your hand placed on hand-grip, your elbow should be flexed 20°- 30°.

Wheelchair to Walker Transfer

Making certain the wheels on the wheelchair are locked, lift your body by pushing down on the armrest and carefully transfer one hand at a time to the walker.

Wheelchair to Walker Transfer (with lower extremity injury to right leg or foot)

Making certain the wheels on the wheelchair are locked, lift your body by pushing down on the armrest and carefully transfer first the left hand, then the right hand to the walker. (If injury is on the left leg or foot, transfer the right hand first, followed by left).

Three-Point Gait (for walking with walker)

STEP 1: Align the middle of your foot with back legs of the walker.

STEP 2: Lift the walker up and place it comfortably in front of you, making sure all four legs end up on the floor.

STEP 3: Carefully, walk forward one step at a time.


Be aware of the following:

- Electrical cords in way

- Liquids on floor

- Throw rugs

- Toys or debris

- Furniture

- Doors and door steps

- Gaps in floor


- Use wheels on front legs only after or on all four legs with appropriate rear wheel breaks.

- Do not push one side of the walker ahead and then other side without lifting the walker first.

- Use Drive accessories only. Use of other manufacturers’ accessories can result in improper fit and risk fall and/or injury.

- Do not use on stairs or escalators.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Your Drive band product is warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for lifetime of the original consumer purchaser.

This device was built to exacting standards and carefully inspected prior to shipment. This Lifetime Limited Warranty is an expression of our confidence in the material and workmanship of our products and our assurance to consumer of years of dependable service.

In the event of a defect covered by this warranty, we will, at our option, repair or replace the device.

This warranty does not cover device failure due to owner misuse or negligence, or normal wear and tear. The warranty does not extend to non-durable components, such as rubber accessories, casters, and grips, which are subjected to normal wear and need periodic replacement.


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