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Dentek Toothache Kit 1 Each
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Product Summary
Dental First Aid

Contains: Temparin Temporary Filling Material; Tooth and Crown Saver; Toothache Medication. Temparin Toothache Medication is made from the Oil of Cloves, a natural astringent pain relief remedy. Cloves have a rich history dating back to the West Han Dynasty in China, when the emperor required visitors to chew cloves to freshen their breath.

To replace a lost filling: Wash the cavity area with warm water and dry with the cotton swab. Scoop a small amount of Temparin from the vial and roll into a ball between fingers. Pack tightly into the cavity area. Close your teeth together, as if you were biting down on a piece of paper, and chew or grind a couple of times to create a comfortable bite. Use the cotton swab to remove excess Temparin from around the area. Temparin will set softly in your mouth within a few minutes. Avoid chewing on the repair for 2-3 hours to allow the material to set. To secure loose crowns, caps or inlays: Try the crown or inlay first to see if you can fit it accurately back onto the tooth surface. If you are not able to do so, then do not proceed further. If the crown has a post attached to it or if there is tooth surface remaining inside the crown, Temparin may not adhere. Carefully rinse the tooth area and the inside of the crown, cap or inlay with warm water and dry thoroughly with the cotton swab. Scoop a small amount of Temparin from the vial, roll into a ball between fingers, and place evenly inside the crown, cap or inlay. Place the crown, cap or inlay on the tooth and bite down, applying pressure to push into position. Temparin will begin to harden within a few minutes, but avoid chewing on the repair for at least 2-3 hours to allow the material to set. Use a toothbrush to gently clear any excess material from around the crown, cap or inlay.

Temparin Temporary Filling Material is designed to repair lost fillings with the same ingredients dentists use. This is a temporary remedy meant to replace a lost filling or inlay until you have a chance to visit your dentist. Caution: To avoid infection and/or serious injury, this product should not be used if there is throbbing pain, ulceration or swelling in the affected area. If these symptoms exist, consult your dentist immediately. This product should not be placed on open wounds. READ ALL OF THE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE USE! Wash and dry your hands. Use only what is needed to repair the dental emergency and save the rest for a future application. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Active Ingredients
Filling Material: Calcium Sulfate; Paraffin; Zinc Oxide Powder; Potassium Aluminum; Aluminum Sulfate; Aluminum Phosphate; Eugenol; Menthol. Toothache Medication: Eugenol 85%; Sesame Oil
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