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Acura Blood Glucose Test Strips - 50 Strips
Product ID: ACURA50
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Product Summary
  • Automatic Coding
  • Alternate Site Testing
  • Tiny Sample Size (0.5ul)
  • Biosensor Technology
  • Easy, Simple, and Accurate

Intended Use:

ACURA Test Strips must be used with the ACURA Blood Glucose Meters for the quantitative measurement of blood glucose level in the whole blood. ACURA Test Strips are for testing outside the body (in vitro diagnostic use only).

Storage and Handling:

Store the ACURA test strip vials in a cool, dry place between 46-86° F (8-30° C). Keep out of direct sunlight. Do not refrigerate or freeze.
Store test strips in its original vials only. Do not mix the test strips in new vials or in any other container.
Immediately replace the vial cap and close tightly after removing the ACURA Test Strip.
Use test strip immediately after removing it from the vial.
Make a notation of the discard date on the vial label when you first open it. Discard remaining ACURA Test Strips 3 months after first opening the vial.
Avoid getting dirt, food, and water on the test strip. Do not handle test strips with wet hands.
Do not use test strips after the expiration date printed on the package or vial since it may cause inaccurate results.
Do not bend, cut, or alter the ACURA Test Strip.
ACURA Test Strips are for single use only. Do NOT re-use.
Keep test strip vial away from children. A child could choke on the cap or be harmed if the drying agent in cap is swallowed, inhaled, or contacts skin.
Refer to your ACURA Owner's Booklet for detailed instructions on testing your blood.

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