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    VagiKool Reusable Feminine Cold Pack & 10 Komfort-Fit Sleeves

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    VagiKool Reusable Feminine Cold Pack & 10 Komfort-Fit Sleeves

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    Product Summary

    • Constructed of super-soft super-strong latex free medical grade polyvinyl
    • Designed with a woman's body in mind
    • Safe to use during pregnancy and while nursing


    Vagi-Kool™ is the first and only reusable feminine cold pack specifically contoured and designed for the most sensitive and delicate area of a woman’s body. Vagi-Kool is elegant, personal, and private. Vagi-Kool™ is a one size fits all cold pack and the Komfort-Fit™ design provides for discreet concealment with its close-to-body near invisible fit which proves to be less embarrassing than walking around with a with a big bulky ice pack tucked in your panties. The Vagi-Kool™ Cold Pack can be used before and after childbirth to soothe vaginal pain. Vagi-Kool™ promotes well-being and natural healing by: reducing vaginal inflammation, reducing the urge to itch, and reducing burning sensations.


    Vagi-Kool® should always be used with an enclosed Komfort-Fit Sleeve to prevent cold burns or frost bite. The Komfort-fit™ Sleeves which can be reused though we strongly recommend discarding the sleeve if there is a possibility of cross-contamination or re-infection. We suggest hand rinsing the sleeve in hot water and air drying.

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