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The US Postal Service has notified us of possible delays for orders shipped on Tuesday, July 21st. Most orders should be delivered by Thursday, July 30th. If your package does not arrive or you are low on medication, please contact Customer Support at 1-800-748-7001. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

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    07.25.15~ good indeed
    -NOEL O.
    07.24.15~ I was in a pickle, got home from vacation and found that I had no pills. I thought I had ordered them before I left but the prescription had expired. I called, and the young lady I spoke with was so very helpful. She placed my order in so it would be shipped as soon as my doctor's office faxed it in. Thanks
    -John B.
    07.20.15~ Service was good and delivery on time with diabetes strips. Will order with HeathWarehouse again.
    -Glenford J.
    07.14.15~ We are very happy with the service and prices HealthWarehouse provides. They are the greatest says my wife and I.
    -Robert M.
    07.08.15~ I have ordered twice from Health Both orders came very quickly and without any problems. I am extremely pleased.
    -Lynn N.
    06.27.15~ Great service. Super-fast delivery. Prices. Are. Very affordable. Would highly recommend! With two diabetics in the house. Your prices. Help us very much Thank you. So much. You guys are great! Gina S.
    -Gina S.
    06.23.15~ Very professional customer service reps and fast delivery. Than You!
    -Carolyn M.
    06.19.15~ Great service!
    -John R.
    06.16.15~ Excellent pharmacy. Website is easy to navigate. Live chat was quick and effective. Saved over 50% on my medications compared with grocery store pharmacy. Highly recommend. Best prices and excellent customer service.
    -Samatha K.
    05.29.15~ I have been purchasing from these folks for many years. At first you worry that a new source for meds could be a sham but my results using their products have been just as the doctor ordered. The prices and service are very good. The shipping has always been within the timeframe they posted. Very happy with this company.
    -Dan M.
    07.24.15~ Very impressed with the customer service and easy to use website. Will definitely be a returning customer.
    -Kyle S.
    07.23.15~ I am a new customer and so happy to have discovered Health Warehouse. The service has been wonderful and hassle free. The prices are amazing saving me $56.00 on just one prescription. Jooney
    -JUNE P.
    -JIM C.
    07.14.15~ Fast and reliable service!!!! Good job, I would deff recommend u guys too anyone who needs fast friendly good service....thank you
    -west E.
    06.29.15~ Two of my medications are significantly less expensive at health warehouse than what I pay my medicare drug plan provider and all other pharmacies I have researched. I transferred my prescription to HW and it was shipped the next working day. It was fast, easy, cost saving, and the best deal I've had in a long time. I plan to continue to use HW and highly recommend this pharmacy.
    -patricia W.
    06.26.15~ Always helpful and order arrives quickly and accurately. Highly recommend this pharmacy service!
    -Joan M.
    06.22.15~ Service was quick, the process was easy and the price is wonderful! Thanks Health Warehouse!
    -John K.
    06.18.15~ Exactly what I ordered and super fast shipping !! Happy to leave a perfect review . Thank you !!!!
    -Allena S.
    06.07.15~ I want to thank Misty for all the help she gave me on my order and the follow up to make sure it turned out okay Thanks Misty for all your help
    -Eugene A.
    05.25.15~ It gives you a good feeling when you locate anyone who gives good service without a lot of nonsense. Thanks!
    -JD P.
    07.24.15~ Thanks for being so timely. I look forward to ordering from Healthwarehouse in the future
    -Richard M.
    07.22.15~ I have given your information to my GP and they have posted it on their bulletin board to give the rest of their patients the wonderful savings that you give the rest of us. My Daughter saved over 75% per month on her medicine. Thank You so much. Linda r
    -linda R.
    07.16.15~ Excellent service and promptness of delivery
    -John M.
    07.09.15~ Wonderful service!!!. Can't tell you how happy I am with the prices, service, efficiency.. Just Wonderful.. So happy I found your pharmacy. I have told many how happy I am. Thanks for such great service... & wow-fast.
    -Sue P.
    06.28.15~ The website is easy to navigate, the prices are great, the process was smooth & the shipping was very fast. Thanks so much!
    -Carol D.
    06.24.15~ Great service and affordable real good job!
    -adrian perez P.
    06.20.15~ I wish everyplace I shop could be as friendly, efficient and fast as your company. My husband started first with you and now I am a very happy customer as well.
    -Helga G.
    06.18.15~ Please never go out of business! HealthWarehouse has made life so much easier. It's great that your prices are so affordable and shipping is always fast! Never had a problem.
    -April A.
    06.05.15~ is definitely my choice for purchasing my prescription drugs. I am on Medicare and did not take Medicare part D as I am not going to take prescription drugs that much as I actually don't believe in them but I take only very selectively mild (and I hope temporary) blood pressure reducing drug only. I am doing everything possible to reduce my mild hikes of BP naturally. Anyway, Health Warehouse kept informing me about the status of my order while my doctor's office was sending them my new prescription and finally they sent me my order as soon as possible -Great service and very affordable prices especially for somebody like me who does not have Rx coverage. Thank you!
    -Michael F.
    05.11.15~ First time I have ordered. With the least expensive prescriptions, it seems Healthwarehouse has the very best customer service. No detail has been eliminated, and their information certainly keeps one informed. They have earned my business. Charles
    -Charles P.



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