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    01.26.16~ Exceptional Customer Service. I needed my prescriptions as I was leaving town in a couple of days. WalMart had just tried to triple the cost, so I called HealthWarehouse. I got my prescriptions filled and delivered well before my departure, at an incredibly low price, so I will be using HealthWarehouse from now on. The customer service representative assured me that they would ship the prescriptions the next day instead of the usual 2 to 3 days for fulfillment, and if they couldn't, she would call me, now that is customer service! I wish I could remember her name to thank her personally!
    01.26.16~ Fast friendly and reliable! I have been using Health Warehouse for about 4 months now and I absolutely love this company. The website is so easy to use and the customer service is awesome. Not to mention the prices, which has been a blessing to me because I'm disabled and trying to get on disability with no insurance.
    01.26.16~ Outstanding Service. HealthWarehouse once again performs another perfect transaction. Top quality products, great prices, and super fast shipping. These are my go to folks for medical supplies.
    01.21.16~ HealthWarehouse makes my prescriptions affordable. I get the same quality drugs from HW that I get from my local pharmacy. A 3-month supply of my pain medication costs me more than $600 locally. I am able to purchase the same drug from the same lab through HW for less than half that! I am grateful to HW for making it possible for me to manage my pain.
    -Nancy P.
    01.18.16~ Since I have only unemployment and do not qualify for Medicaid, your website is a great help to maintain my mental health medicine and my blood pressure medicine.
    01.18.16~ Excellent customer service. On the very rare occasion that their was a "hiccup" with our order, Health Warehouse graciously fixed (made right) the order to our satisfaction; and in record time. We have been their customer for quite some time (I forget the years), nonetheless, we keep going back (ordering) due to quality of product, price, and customer service - unmatched.
    01.18.16~ I am a very satisfied customer. Without HealthWarehouse I wouldn't be able to afford my prescriptions. Excellent service, excellent products. Thanks a million HealthWarehouse!
    01.15.16~ Great prices, many choices, great fast shipping. Nobody (WalMart, et al) beats 'em. Why you still shopping at Walgreens?
    01.15.16~ This is a Godsend to be able to get my imitrex with out limits.
    -Lisa D.
    01.12.16~ Excellent products, pricing, customer service. is staffed with concerned personnel who take customer service seriously. There were some problems related to my last order -- none created by HealthWarehouse; all created by my doctor -- and dealt with them calmly and efficiently, allowing me to receive my prescription in time for a lengthy out-of-town trip. I have always found the prescriptions for be accurate and of the best quality. My wife has had similar experiences with and we both trust and recommend this company
    01.26.16~ As some of my medications are not covered by my insurance, this pharmacy has, by their low price has saved me money. Every thing about medical care is very expensive,, people on a fixed income need to be aware by shopping, you can save money. I had to research on my own, the doctor writes a script, how it gets paid, they don't consen themselves with. I wish more people could understand they have to be proactive to save money,maned receive quality products.
    01.26.16~ Can't beat the prices. This program has helped me and my husband with our meds wish it was a way more seniors had help in finding this program we have posted your website and phone number in or church and where ever we can to help others thank you again for excellent customer service
    01.26.16~ Great price. Easy to use website. The person who called me about my order (needed to check about prescription) was very friendly. Fast turnaround.
    -Rhett H.
    01.21.16~ is a supersource for medication. Their prices are often better than I can get from my Medicare Advantage provider. Their service is great as well. In this transaction they reminded me that my Rx was going to expire, gave me a link to reorder and offered to contact my provider for a new Rx. That is just super service.
    01.18.16~ A real lifesaver! Before I found I couldn't afford to take all of my scripts, now I can take them and still have money left to live in. Thank you to all the kind people at!!
    -John E.
    01.18.16~ Healthwarehouse is a flash back to when people cared for people. Healthwarehouse is the best that I have found to beat the system. Ya know the kind, greed, power etc. etc. They pride themselves on a fair shake wherever they can. What a treat to find people who want to do a good job, earn a living by giving fair services in a very greedy world. Hats off to Healthwarehouse and the people who turn the wheels there.
    -Jerry M.
    01.18.16~ They deliver quality meds at GREAT prices. This is my third re-order from HealthWarehouse and they have delivered top quality medicine at great prices. I am a convinced customer now.
    01.15.16~ I had never heard of Health Warehouse before but found in you the December Consumer Reports. So far, so good!
    -Alison P.
    01.13.16~ I am extremely pleased with the service I have received from this VIPPS accredited pharmacy and would highly recommend them to any patient needing affordable medications delivered to their home in a safe and timely manner.
    01.12.16~ Superb Customer Service!!!! Even though my order was completed, packaged, and on its way out to leave for shipping I saw that I had chose the wrong shipping service and they immediately pulled it and changed carriers to fulfill my request. Within 10 minutes I had a conformation email with a tracking number. No other company would accommodate such a rapid request! 5 STARS + 5 MORE
    -Rami T.
    01.26.16~ This was my first time ever purchasing a prescription online. I called to get some understanding of the process. Customer service was so helpful and polite! I didn't bother checking other websites. The prices I saw and the customer service was great! Thank you for saving me hundreds of dollars!
    01.26.16~ Great service, availability and price. After wrestling United Healthcare for medicine it was refreshing to order from a company hassle free.
    01.26.16~ First Time User !! Five Stars ***** Super easy to use website plus very affordable prices. Fast delivery. Five stars across the board ***** !!!!
    01.21.16~ Healthwarehouse rates A+++++ with me. Accurate, Precise and Fast... When I contacted Customer Service, The Reps were more than helpful... They were Friendly and Courteous.....It was a pleasure doing business with Healthwarehouse.....
    01.18.16~ I couldn't afford this medication for my dog if I had to go to one of the big retail pharmacies. I'm so happy I found Health Warehouse.
    01.18.16~ Simple, exactly what you'd expect. I was looking for a bulk order of some antihistamines that my doctor recommended. He said to look online and find them for a way cheaper price than you'd get at Walgreens or CVS. Well, this place is it. I pulled the site up on my phone, checked out within minutes, had a confirmation and shipping email in a reasonable timeframe, and everything arrived as expected. I will definitely shop here again if I ever need anything in the future.
    01.15.16~ Amazing resource! I don't have the words to express the positive experience I had with HealthWarehouse. I stumbled across the website looking for an affordable option for my prescriptions. I got part of the way through the process online when the website went down. I called the company and a kind woman completed my order. My doctor faxed in my prescriptions and within the hour I received confirmation of their receipt by HWH. One week later the fulfilled prescriptions arrived in the mail. It seems to me that this one company can solve all of our issues with the crazy cost of this portion of medical care. Thank you!
    01.15.16~ Easy website to navigate. Wonderful pricing. Quick and easy ordering with free shipping! You just can't beat it! Keep up the good work yall!
    -Terry S.
    01.12.16~ The medication cost is awesome as well as there service is great!!!!!!! I am a new customer but so far my experience with Health Warehouse has been great. The cost of my meds is the lowest ever! and the customer service has been great and prompt with the filling of my meds to the point of delivery. I feel that Health Warehouse is helping a lot of people who really need their meds with cost reduction. Its time that these greedy drug companies goes down because in reality they are really drug lords!!!!!.
    01.12.16~ I have used them for years, always excellent service and quality products. I thoroughly investigated before "pushing the button" on my first order. All good and now, many years later, have come to trust them for quality, service and value. These folks are the "real deal" when it comes to customer service.



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    • “Very fast, good price, quality service !!”

      Patrick M Z.  Momence, IL.

    • “Health Warehouse has always been very professional and the customer service is excellent. The prices are excellent as well, I trust Health Warehouse to complete my orders and ship as promised. I will and do recommend them t...”

      Altha B. 

    • “Your service is great and the prices are fantastic!”

      Melvin W.  Coshocton, OH.