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    04.15.16~ Cheaper than a Canadian pharmacy. After reading of in Consumers Report, decided to give them a try. Worked very well and they were half the price of a Canadian pharmacy I had used for the same product. As a physician, am concerned about where the drugs come from at Canadian pharmacies so this was cheaper and more reassuring.
    04.15.16~ I'm so happy I searched for my medicine because I am out of work and my medicines are so expensive. Thank God for HealthWarehouse Pharmacy. Thank you for being so prompt!
    -Mary S.
    04.15.16~ Excellent prompt and professional service! No games here, my doctor was well aware of this pharmacy and said it was a legitimate and trustworthy company!
    04.01.16~ Great Service. The website is easy to navigate and order from. The shipping was free and my order arrived in a few days, no fuss, no fanfare and it was exactly what I wanted. Thank you and keep up the great work HealthWarehouse.
    04.01.16~ Didn't think it was possible to purchase the same quality prescription I've been buying for so much less. Fantastic savings. I will recommend to all my friends.
    04.01.16~ Always there. Always on time. Always the best price.
    03.07.16~ Always a Pleasure! Normally I order everything thru online but there have been a few occasions when I had to talk to a real live person. They are always helpful and courteous. They actually care about their customers and aim to please. This is what keeps me coming back!
    03.07.16~ The order was for my husband. We've been struggling to afford his medication since he lost his job. took that struggle away. We are very pleased and will be ordering again soon.
    03.04.16~ Absolutely the best online prescription prices & customer service! I have been ordering from Health Warehouse for years. HealthWarehouse has the best prices, the best customer service and awesome shipping service. I highly recommend this company for their online ordering and peace of mind knowing that there is great communication whenever needed.
    03.04.16~ HealthWarehouse is a very convenient way for me to get my prescriptions. I don't have to drive to the pharmacy; just walk to my mailbox.
    04.15.16~ I first heard of it on a good morning America segment and decided to check it out. I was very pleased. I was paying $53 at my usual pharmacy and here it is only $15.
    04.15.16~ Have purchased from HealthWarehouse for close to three years and have been very satisfied with all aspects of dealing with them.
    04.15.16~ Great experience. Very easy to work with. Great web site and prompt free shipping. No complaints. I have used two other online pharmacies and they do not compare. I left them both for HealthWarehouse.
    04.01.16~ God Bless HealthWarehouse. I've been a programmer and Manager in IT for Health Care for 20 years. There is no better run web-based organization. Thank you HealthWarehouse.
    04.01.16~ Great place. Glad I found The price is good and the shipping is great. This will be my number one place.
    03.07.16~ Great Organization in all areas. Absolutely one of the best companies that exist in America today. Convenient, fast, prices are great, and an absolute great buying experience. Not only would I recommend this group to my family and closest friends, you would be very foolish not to try this company, if you find a need which can't be filled by more traditional means. Class notch!
    03.07.16~ It was simple to do. I listed my pharmacy where I had the prescription and they transferred it quickly and shortly after mailed out my medication.
    -Alan B.
    03.07.16~ Healthwarehouse is awesome! I'm so glad I found Healthwarehouse because of a huge insurance deductible. Prices are unbeatable!
    03.04.16~ I have found that I can get my prescriptions cheaper at HealthWarehouse than I can using my insurance and having to pay my copays at local pharmacies. They have always been very helpful if I need assistance. I love using the online site to order. It's just an all around awesome experience using HealthWarehouse.
    03.04.16~ Quick and easy service. I've been using them for the past year to get a medication cheaper than I can through my own insurance. They've always been easy to work with, and I have no problems getting my order.
    04.15.16~ Same product as the store but cheaper and came fast! I hadn't heard of before, but I took a chance and bought something I could have gotten at my local pharmacy but it was much cheaper. It came pretty fast and was exactly as expected. I'd recommend them to anyone! Fast and easy.
    04.15.16~ Excellent prompt and professional service! No games here, my doctor was well aware of this pharmacy and said it was a legitimate and trustworthy company!
    04.15.16~ Transaction was smooth. Now I can afford my medication! What a lifesaver!
    04.01.16~ Awesome value and an efficient service Heathwarehouse is very efficient. My meds arrives by post without a hitch. The price of atorvastatin is so much cheaper than my local pharmacy, it smacks of a conspiracy.
    04.01.16~ HealthWarehouse continues providing top of the line great support at an affordable price.
    -Noe R.
    03.07.16~ Good prices, good service. When my health insurer placed obstacles in providing for a recurring prescription, I needed to pay out of pocket. I found a good price on HealthWarehouse, and have been using them for 2 years. They have contacted the doctor when necessary for refills, let me know when there was a delay due to a change in providers, and generally have provided good, non-nonsense service.
    -Phillip S.
    03.07.16~ I love this Place and the People I have come in contact with are so nice and helpful. I have been telling everyone I talk to including the Doctors.
    03.04.16~ Another satisfied customer. I was a happy customer for years, but then was blessed with full coverage health insurance. I moved to a local nationwide drug store, only to have my service decline dramatically. Order refills, receive a reply saying they were ready, go to pick up and not ready. Or, order get no reply, and no order. Furthermore, my co pay with insurance was $2.75 per 30 pills, with the insurance company being billed $76.00. The full price thru HW was $4.00 for 30 pills. I could not with a clear conscience continue doing this, so I have happily returned to HealthWarehouse, and will pay for my own pills. Their service is excellent, their products are second to none. And they are not overcharging and driving up the medical costs for anyone. Please support them, and encourage them to be the great company that they have been for me.
    03.04.16~ The reasonable price charged for Sumatriptan is a life saver for those of us with migraine headaches and no prescription coverage.
    03.04.16~ Your company is awesome, I have no desires to use any other company. You're # 1 in my book. Thank you very much.
    -Nancy K.



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    • “Very fast, good price, quality service !!”

      Patrick M Z.  Momence, IL.

    • “Health Warehouse has always been very professional and the customer service is excellent. The prices are excellent as well, I trust Health Warehouse to complete my orders and ship as promised. I will and do recommend them t...”

      Altha B. 

    • “Your service is great and the prices are fantastic!”

      Melvin W.  Coshocton, OH.