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    Neosporin Wound Cleanser Foam for Kids- 2.3oz

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    Neosporin Wound Cleanser Foam for Kids- 2.3oz

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    Product Summary

    • First aid to help prevent infection
    • For minor cuts, scrapes, burns
    • No sting


    NEOSPORIN® First Aid Antiseptic Foaming Liquid is a no sting, instant foaming liquid that helps kill infectious bacteria and germs found in open wounds. When you or a loved one has a minor injury, you want it to heal as quickly as possible. Minor cuts and scrapes can become contaminated with dirt and germs, which may cause infection and delay healing. That’s why NEOSPORIN® recommends an easy-to-follow 3-step process to promote better healing. Clean, Treat, and Protect your wounds to avoid infection and speed healing.


    Cleaning a wound is the first step to a quick and proper recovery. To complete this step, clean the affected area using a mild soap or saline water and NEOSPORIN® First Aid Antiseptic Foaming Liquid for Kids. Blot dry with a sterile BAND-AID® Brand of First Aid Products MIRASORB® Gauze Sponge.


    Active Ingredients Benzalkonium Chloride Solution0.13% First Aid antiseptic Inactive Ingredients Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis) Leaf Juice , Citric Acid , Disodium EDTA , Poloxamer 188 , Sodium Chloride , Sodium Hydroxide , Water

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