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    Massengill Disposable Cleansing Vinegar & Water Douche - 4 pack

    Massengill Disposable Cleansing Vinegar & Water Douche - 4 pack

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    Product Summary

    • Use to wash away left over vaginal medications
    • Use to wash away residues from contraceptive jellies or creams
    • The redesigned Massengill nozzle is specially designed for a woman's body
    • Easy-to-use fresh and gentle formula
    • Matches pH range of healthy women


    Massengill Disposable Douche 4 Pack, offers comfort and cleansing in one formula. Designed for a woman's body, this gentle formula features a redesigned nozzle that provides comfort and cleansing of a woman's intimate area. Easy to use, this disposable douche comes with a smooth rounded tip for easy and comfortable use and channels for continuous rinsing.


    Use while sitting on the toilet or standing in the shower. Do not use lying down. Hold bottle upright and twist off flat tab at top. Remove nozzle from wrapper and screw nozzle onto bottle until firmly attached. Do not overtighten. Gently insert the nozzle about 3 inches into your vagina. Never force the nozzle. Squeeze bottle gently, letting the solution rinse the vagina and flow freely from the body. Avoid closing the vagina. After douching, throw away bottle and nozzle.


    Purified Water; Sodium Citrate; Citric Acid; Vinegar

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