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FreeStyle Diabetic Test Strips - 50 Strips

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Product Summary

  • Not compatible with FreeStyle Lite Meters
  • For use with FreeStyle Flash & FreeStyle Freedom Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems
  • 1 vial of 50 test strips (50 Total)
  • World's smallest sample size - 0.3 microliter
  • Uses coulometric technology to accurately measure blood glucose sample
  • 60-second sample reapplication time and fill-trigger.
Product Description

Four Key Technical Elements

FreeStyle® systems offers the combination of four key technical elements: Coulometry, Reliable Sample Detection, Glucose Dehydrogenase, and Low Potential (Voltage) Measurement.

In fact, FreeStyle systems are the only systems to have all four technical elements and provide outstanding clinical accuracy and precision. The state of the art technology minimizes influences from many of the common factors affecting clinical results.


While most blood glucose monitoring systems use other technologies, which measures only a fraction of the glucose reaction signal in a blood sample, FreeStyle systems uses a technology based on coulometric measurement. Coulometry is a unique, patented, electrochemical measurement technique employed exclusively in FreeStyle technology. The benefit of the coulometric analysis is that it is unaffected by reaction rates.

It is an ideal technique for measuring a small sample size since the total accumulated charge is used to calculate glucose concentration. In fact, FreeStyle systems require the world’s smallest blood sample, just 0.3 microliter. Most leading meters use other technologies for glucose measurement, which are more challenging to adapt to smaller blood sample requirements.

Reliable Sample Detection

Reliable sample detection is an important element for system accuracy. Blood testing procedures for modern glucose meters are simple, but application of an adequate blood sample to the test strip is necessary for accurate measurements. FreeStyle systems have the ability to detect an adequate sample.

The difference between FreeStyle systems and systems without reliable sample detection is that the FreeStyle meters do not report a result when an insufficient sample is applied to the test strip. When a sufficient sample is applied, a correct result is obtained.

The test strip uses capillary action and acts like a sponge to "pull" the exact amount of blood (0.3 microliter) into the test strip. If not enough blood fills the test strip area and nothing happens, the user has up to 60 seconds to add more blood to the same sample area of the test strip.

If enough blood fills the test strip sample chamber, the meter then “beeps” indicating there is sufficient blood and begins the test.

Glucose Dehydrogenase (GDH)

A key contributor to the accuracy of FreeStyle systems is the unique enzyme and mediator combination used in the test strip. The enzyme used in the FreeStyle test strip is called Glucose Dehydrogenase (GDH). This enzyme can be used to perform electrochemical glucose measurements without interference by oxygen in the blood sample.

The commonly used enzyme in most other electrochemical strips, Glucose Oxidase (GOX), is capable of reacting with oxygen to produce interference in the measurement.

Low Potential (Voltage) Measurement

Low Potential Measurements offer a method for minimizing the interference by substances present in blood. In order for an electrochemical reaction to occur, a potential (voltage) must be applied between a working and counter electrode. The larger the applied potential, the greater the number of interfering substances that can react and produce a signal. The proprietary osmium based mediator used in the FreeStyle test strip allows the glucose reaction to occur at a low potential.

For this reason, very few substances can interfere with the FreeStyle system readings. Unlike strips that use iron-based mediators, the FreeStyle strip minimizes the effects of interfering agents such as uric acid, aspirin and acetaminophen (at elevated levels).

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Ratings And Reviews

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Excellent service and exactly as advertised | Review by irene

Thank you HealthWarehouse! Definitely the best price available and excellent service. The test strips actually didn't work with my Freestyle glucometer (not their fault--appears that I have an outdated meter) but HealthWarehouse was able to direct me to the manufacturer who is replacing my meter and giving me new boxes of test strips. Wish I could say that my local pharmacy would have done the same. . . . .

Excellent ! | Review by KB

The price was lowest I could find. The test strips arrived quickly and in very good condition. Will order again from here.

Savings! | Review by Micki from KY

I can't get over the low prices on my test strips and syringes as compared to Walgreen's! The order processing and shipping was incredible. I ordered on 11/10 and have already received my items. I'm so glad the Kentucky Enquirer ran a feature story on Now if I could only get my Humulin N insulin too I would be estatic.....even so, I will be a loyal and steady customer and I've already spread the word to friends and family.

Excellent! | Review by Vicky from California

This is my 1st time buying from Health Warehouse & I'm very pleased with its low price, in fact, it's cheaper than the wholesale price that I was getting from my usual place... The free shipping is good, cuz I'm a student & I save whenever I can. The two boxes came in perfect condition, delivery was super speedy via snail mail (which really surprised me!). Most important of all, it has a very long expiration date, so I'm really happy that I found this website. Definitely will buy again~ ^_^
Happy Customers
  • Corey B. 

    “Great product, easy to purchase online. And the shipping was faster then expected. Plus you can't beat the prices..thanks. Corey B.”

  • Arthur S. 

    “Without a doubt these are fine folks to do business with. Not only did they save me a huge amount on my medication, but all the transactions were fast and pleasant.”

  • Barbara C. 

    “I've been ordering my prescriptions from Health Warehouse for some time and have absolutely no complaints. Prices and service have been great. Thank you.”

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