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    Crest 3DWhite Stain Shield 5 Minute Touch-Ups - 28 Pouches (56 Strips)

    Crest 3DWhite Stain Shield 5 Minute Touch-Ups - 28 Pouches (56 Strips)

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    Product Summary

    • Visibly removes stains from teeth guaranteed
    • Enamel safe
    • Removes tough stains from coffee, wine, smoking, etc.
    • Protects from build-up of future stains
    • Clinically proven to be effective
    • Use once daily
    • Advanced Seal Technology


      Every box contains 56 strips: 28 upper strips and 28 lower strips

      Directions for Use

      3 easy steps to a whiter smile

      1) Peel

      2) Apply

      3) Reveal

      Wear strips for 5 minutes once a day

      Important Usage Information

      - Keep out of reach of young children. Product is not intended for use in children under the age of 12

      - Do not swallow plastic strips

      - Avoid eye contact

      - Avoid skin contact

      If You Have Dental Work

      - CREST 3DWhite Stain Shield will only whiten natural teeth. The strips will NOT whiten caps, crowns, veneers, fillings, or dentures.

      - Do not use with dental braces. If you have dental work to be treated, ask your dentist if whitening is appropriate. 3DWhite Stain Shield have not been observed to harm standard dental restorative materials.

      Tooth Sensitivity

      Some people may experience sensitivity when using Crest 3DWhite Whitestrips. This sensation is temporary and not harmful.

      See package insert for more information.


      - Avoid allowing gel to contact cloth, leather or fabric

      - Store in a cool place

      - Best if used by date noted on top of package

      Whitening Guarantee

      If you are not satisfied with the whitening results please call 1-800-208-0169 within 60 days of purchase. Retain original cash register receipt and product UPC to verify purchase. Do not return to retailer for guarantee fulfillment. Limit one refund per customer.


      For more information call 1-800-395-8423 or visit www.3DWhite.com.

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