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    Flea & Tick Defense For Cats, 0.017 fl. oz (3 doses)

    Product ID: A10139918

    Flea & Tick Defense For Cats, 0.017 fl. oz (3 doses)

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    Product Summary

    • Use ONLY fon Cats & Kittens 8 Weeks or older.
    • Waterproof.
    • Active ingredients compared to Frontline "Top Spot for Cats"


    Fipronil is the proven and trusted active ingredient in Frontline® Top Spot®*. Used for twenty years by veterinary professionals, fipronil kills and prevents infestations of adult fleas and ticks safely and effectively. Fipronil collects in the oils of the skin and hair follicles, and continues to be released from the hair follicles onto the skin and coat resulting in long-lasting activity. This product is safe, easy to use, and effective. Each application of Vetri-Science's FLEA + TICK DEFENSE for Cats has been shown to kill adult fleas before they lay eggs, control flea re-infestation for up to one month, kills ticks that may transmit Lyme disease, rapidly eliminate infestations with chewing lice, and remains effective after bathing.


    Use only on Cats and Kittens 8 weeks or older. See package for complete instructions. To apply FLEA + TICK DEFENSE for Cats: Place applicator tip through cat’s hair to the skin level between the shoulder blades. Squeeze applicator, applying entire contents in a single spot to the cat’s skin. Avoid superficial application to the cat’s hair. Allow area to dry before touching treated area. Only one applicator per treatment is needed.


    Active Ingredient % Fipronil 9.7%


    Keep out of reach of children. Use only on cats and kittens 8 weeks or older.

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