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    PH-notix Enhanced Ear Cleaner and Wax Remover for Cats and Dogs- 4oz

    Product ID: MWI092394

    PH-notix Enhanced Ear Cleaner and Wax Remover for Cats and Dogs- 4oz

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    Product Summary

    • Oil-free formula with a fresh lemon scent
    • Product includes one flexible nozzle
    • Acts fast to remove was and debris
    • Description

      pH•notix™ utilizes a unique combination of ingredients including transcutol and capric glycerides. With three ceruminolytic agents working together, pH•notix™ quickly breaks down wax and debris. Proprietary lipacides help support sebum regulation and balance in the ear. These lipacides help reduce cerumen accumulation and support the skin's natural protective barrier. Tromethamine serves as a neutralizing base for pH•notix. In combination with the oil free formula, pH•notix™ does not require rinsing and will not interfere with certain topical medications.


      Fill the ear canal with pH•notix™. Massage gently from bottom to top to help loosen and remove debris. Allow pet to shake head. Wipe off excess product with a cotton ball or paper towel. Do not use a cotton swab. Repeat the process only if the ear is very dirty. Use one or two times a week. Can be used before application of certain medicated treatments.


      Calendula, Capryloyl glycine (Lipacide C8G), Glycerin, Isopropyl alcohol, Labrasol, Lemon synthetic perfume, Polysorbate 80, Transcutol V, Tromethamine, Undecylenoyl glycine (Lipacide UG), Water.



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