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    Feliway Classic Travel Spray- 20ml

    Product ID: MWI065888

    Feliway Classic Travel Spray- 20ml

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    Product Summary

    • Utilizes the power of natural pheromones to create a sense of safety and calm.
    • Spray in cars, crates or on your cat's favorite plush toy to make traveling less scary for him.
    • May help to reduce crying, shaking and pacing during travel—for your cat, of course.
    • Description

      When you have an anxious cat, a simple trip to the veterinarian can become a huge hassle. So, help calm your kitty before leaving the house with Feliway calming spray. Instead of tranquilizing your pet, Feliway releases specific pheromones that naturally appease and calm cats—it's like sending your pal comforting messages through his nose. These messages are completely odorless and will only be perceived by your cat, so you, your dogs, and other animals won't feel a thing. Simply spray your car, wait 10 minutes, and bring your best bud along for the ride. It's a terrific way to help your kitty relax on the way to the vet or during long car, train or airplane trips—it can even be sprayed into his carrier to ease anxiety during crate travel. With Feliway, you and your favorite feline companion can make travel fun again.


      Shake the bottle & apply the spray daily. DO NOT SPRAY directly onto your kitten/cat. Please allow 15 minutes before introducing your kitten/cat to the object or area sprayed to allow the alcohol carrier to evaporate.


      F3 fraction Feline facial pheromone analogue, Ethanol q.s.



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