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    Hurricaine Spray 2 oz

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    Hurricaine Spray 2 oz

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    Product Summary

    • 1/2 Spray is all you need!
    • Anesthesia is accomplished in approximately 20 seconds
    • Great Cherry Flavor
    Topical Anesthetic

    To suppress the gag reflex; where larger areas of anesthesia are needed.

    Firmly insert hollow plastic extension tube into hole on side of spray can valve before use. Hold HURRICIANE SPRAY extension tube tip 1-2 inches away from area to be anesthetized. Spray 1/2 second. Repeat if necessary. Anesthesia is accomplished in 15-30 seconds.

    PATIENTS WITH KNOWN HYPERSENSITIVITY TO BENZOCAINE SHOULD NOT USE HURRICAINE. Avoid spraying into eyes. Use only as directed. Intentional misuse by deliberately concentrating and inhaling the contents can be harmful or fatal. This warning statement does not speak against incidental inhalation or deliberate inhalation as directed. Its purpose is to warn against intentional misuse.

    Active Ingredients
    Benzocaine 20%

    Inactive Ingredients
    Water Soluble Flavored Base

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