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    Adams Plus Flea and Tick Indoor Fogger- 3oz

    Product ID: MWI047780

    Adams Plus Flea and Tick Indoor Fogger- 3oz

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    Product Summary

    • Leaves no oily residue, no unpleasant odor
    • Kills on contact
    • Kills fleas and flea eggs for 7 months
    • Description

      Adams™ Plus Flea & Tick Indoor Fogger kills today's fleas and prevents tomorrow's fleas from growing up to bite. It effectively breaks the flea life cycle and inhibits flea reinfestation for up to 7 months.


      Instructions: For instructions and warranty in Spanish, see inside of carton. Directions for Use: It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. Read the entire label prior to use. Use strictly in accordance with all label precautions and directions. Restrictions: Remove or cover exposed food and drinking water before application. Remove or cover dishes, utensils, food processing equipment, and food preparation surfaces, or wash them before use. Remove pets, birds, and cover fish aquariums before spraying. Wait two hours after application, then open windows, vents, and doors for two hours. If an odor still detected, additional ventilation is required. Do not enter or allow others or pets to enter treated area until sprays have dried. Repeat treatments to infested areas as necessary at intervals of 14 days or greater. Note: Does not control bed bugs. Do not allow children or pets to contact treated surfaces until spray has dried. Do not apply this product in a way that will contact adults, children or pets, either directly or through drift. Do not remain in treated area. Exit area immediately and remain outside the treated area until mists have dispersed. Reaches fleas hidden in carpets, rugs, drapes, upholstery, pet bedding, and floor cracks. For best results, treat entire dwelling with particular attention to kitchens and bathroom areas. Use only one fogger to treat up to 375 sq ft (a room 15 feet x 25 feet with an 8 feet ceiling or 3,000 cubic feet) or floor space. To Use this Product Correctly: Do not use multiple foggers per room. Do not use in small confined spaces such as closets, cabinets or under counters or tablets. Use of a fogger in an enclosed space may cause the product to explode, resulting in injury to people or damage to property. Do not use in a room 5 ft x 5 ft or smaller; instead, allow fogs to enter other rooms. Unplug and turn off all ignition sources such as pilot lights (shut off gas valves), other open flames or running electrical appliances that cycle off and on (ie refrigerators, thermostats, etc). No flames or pilot lights. Call your gas utility or management company if you need assistance with your pilot lights. Before you Fog: Vacuum thoroughly before fogging. To ensure unobstructed flow of fogger mist, open inside doors, cabinets, cupboards, drawers, and closets in area to be treated. Remove or cover exposed food, dishes, cooking utensils, food preparation equipment, and surfaces. Remove pets and birds and remove or cover (and turn off) air flow in aquariums. Remove or cover childrens' and pets' toys. Cover waxed wood floors and waxed wood furniture in the immediate area surrounding the fogger (newspaper may be used). Close outside doors and windows. Shut off fans and air conditioners and temporarily disconnect smoke alarms. Remove all motor vehicles before fogging garage. Place can in the middle of the room, on a stand, table, chair or on the floor. Place several layers or unfolded newspaper, covering a 2 sq ft area directly under can to prevent marring of surface. To Start Fogging: Shake well before use. Before activating, keeping at arm's length, point top of can away from face and press down actuator tab to lock into position and release fogging action. Do not inhale the spray mist. Set fogger in an upright position on chair or table covered with newspapers or paper towels and leave premises immediately. Vacate the treated house, individual apartment unit, or other structure immediately. Keep treated are closed. Do not re-enter for at least two hours. Keeping treated area sealed for a longer period will enhance fogger performance. Use enclosed door hang tag to mark the time when re-entry is permitted (at least two hours after the start time). Note: Asphalt tile and some plastics may be affected by this product. Place newspaper on asphalt tile before treatment and cover plastic items such as plastic, furniture, stereo covers, eyeglasses, etc. After Fogging - Airing Out: Do not re-enter for 2 hours. Airing Out: Keep treated area closed for at least two hours, then open all doors and windows, turn on air conditioner and fans and allow treated area to air out for two hours before returning. Do not allow children or pets to contact treated surfaces until spray has dried. Turn on all pilot lights and appliances, smoke alarms, and aquariums that were turned off. For best results, spot treat with Adams premise products under beds, furniture, or obstructed areas where fogger mist may not penetrate. Note: When treating for fleas, clean and treat pet sleeping areas. Also treat dogs and cats with a flea control product registered for use on pets before allowing them to re-enter the treated areas. Repeat treatments to infested areas as necessary at intervals of 14 days or greater. Do not make more than 6 applications per site per year. Storage and Disposal: Pesticide Storage: Store in cool, dry area away from heat and open flame and preferably in a locked storage area inaccessible to children and pets. Pesticide Disposal and Container Handling: Do not puncture or incinerate! If Empty: Place in trash or offer for recycling if available. If Party Filled: Call your local solid waste agency for disposal instructions.


      Active Ingredients: Etofenprox (0.5%), Tetramethrin (0.4%), N-Octyl Bicycloheptene Dicarboximide (0.5%), Pyriproxyfen (0.1%). Other Ingredients (Contains Petroleum Distillates): (98.5%). Total (100.0%).



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