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    Collasate Silver Gel- 7g

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    Collasate Silver Gel- 7g

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    Product Summary

    • Use on pets for wound healing
    • Can help treat hot spots, ulcers, non-surgical wounds
    • The collagen in Collasate Silver is molecularly structured to be readily available to the wound site
    • Description

      Collasate® Silver gel is the first and only wound healing product for pets to combine collagen and silver oxide, an effective alternative to non-invasive wound care programs. The unique, patented molecular configuration of the hydrolyzed collagen in the gel makes it immediately available for the body to begin its own natural healing process – a benefit not offered by native collagen products.


      1. Cleanse the wound with sterile water; leave the wound bed moist. Pat dry the peri-wound area.2. Apply gel directly to the wound site (approximately ¼”thickness).3. Cover the wound with a non-adherent dressing such as a polyurethane film, hydropolymer foam or gauze.4. Reapply and redress as needed. Dressing may be moistened with sterile water to ease removal.


      Active IngredientsMedical Hydrolysate of Type 1 CollagenAntibacterial 1% Silver Oxide PRN Collasate Silver Gel 7gm Wound Healing Combining Collagen and Silver Oxide



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