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    Curad Soothe & Cool Instant Cooling Technology Clear Gel Bandages, 8 ct

    Product ID: A10161965

    Curad Soothe & Cool Instant Cooling Technology Clear Gel Bandages, 8 ct

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    Product Summary

    • Ideal for minor burns, blisters and abrasions
    • Wound pad cools on contact to instantly remove heat
    • Waterproof film backing and adhesive border seal and protect the site from external contamination up to 5 days


    Nobody plans to burn themselves, but minor burns happen all the time. When they occur, the faster you cool the burn, the more you can help reduce the pain and damage burns create. Like most injuries, over 70% of burns are believed to occur at home, so it helps to plan ahead. Keep burn care products close at hand, especially wherever you find hot surfaces, including: Kitchen stoves, deep fryers, toasters & curling irons. The laundry room with hot dryer elements and irons. Fireplaces, grills & fire rings. And don’t forget burns from chemicals like oven cleaners. When burns do occur, remember that they can carry a high risk of infection. So help keep the burn area clean and protected from dirt and germs. CURAD Soothe & Cool Bandages help soothe, cover and protect, staying in place up to 5 days for uninterrupted healing without the bother of frequent dressing changes.


    Clean and dry the skin before use, ensuring area is free of creams or oils. Remove one white paper liner, apply dressing over site and then remove the remaining paper liner. Firmly smooth the dressing down on the edges and then remove the two clear carrier films by peeling from the center opening. Change every 5 days or sooner if needed.


    Keep out of reach of children.

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