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    PetArmor Plus Flea and Tick Shampoo for Dogs- 18oz

    Product ID: A10152407

    PetArmor Plus Flea and Tick Shampoo for Dogs- 18oz

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    Product Summary

    • Kills fleas and ticks for 7 days
    • Prevents reinfestations by killing flea eggs and flea larvae for 30 days
    • Repels mosquitoes for 15 days
    • Hawaiian ginger scent cleans, deodorizes and conditions


    A clean pet with a healthy coat is a welcome member of the family. PetArmor Plus Shampoo for Dogs kills fleas and ticks for seven days and prevents reinfestation by killing flea eggs and flea larvae for 30 days. It also cleans, deodorizes and conditions your dog's coat. You'll love this Hawaiian ginger scented shampoo for puppies over 12 weeks old.PetArmor Flea and Tick Shampoo contains pyriproxyfen, which kills fleas and ticks on contact. The shampoo also cleans and conditions your pet’s coat and washes away the “flea dirt” that flea larvae eat to survive. The active ingredient is absorbed onto and sticks tightly to hair and skin even after complete rinsing. The IGR kills flea eggs for 30 days and breaks the flea life cycle by preventing the development of new fleas in the dog’s environment and the buildup of reinfestation pressure.


    Always read label before using. Shampoo your pet at the first sign of fleas or ticks. For best results, wet your dogs coat for a few minutes with warm water, apply shampoo and work it into a lather, carefully avoiding your pets eyes. Thoroughly wash your pet all over, including the neck, chest, body, hindquarters, and legs, and pay special attention to the footpads, between the toes, underbody areas, and the base of the tail. These are all areas frequented by fleas. Let the lather remain on your pet for 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. If your pet weighs less than 15 pounds, wrap the animal in a towel for several minutes to absorb moisture and allow dying fleas and ticks to crawl off the animal.


    Active Ingredients:Pyriproxyfen......0.01%, Pyrethrins......0.15%, Piperonyl Butoxide Technical*......1.50%, N-Octyl Bicycloheptene, Dicarboximade......0.50

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