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Rembrandt 2-Hour Whitening Kit
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Product Summary
Teeth Whitening

Dramatically whiter teeth in only one 2 hour session. Whitening in a flash! In just 2 hours you'll be able to flash your new bright smile?watching movies, exercising, before a big date, or whenever you want your smile to look its best! Show your white smile whenever life surprises you with new Rembrandt 2-Hour White. Now you don't need two weeks for dramatically whiter teeth-just two hours! Contents: 2 - 3.7 mL Rembrandt 2 - Hour White Syringes, 2 - ComfyTray Rembrandt Mouthguards

1. Apply Rembrandt 2-Hour White Formula to your upper and lower ComfyTray Mouthguards. 2. Wear for 20 minutes; remove for 10 minutes. 3. Repeat for a total of two hours. Results? Look your best with a smile that shades whiter in just two hours! Be ready in a flash for: events, interviews, dates. Read instruction booklet carefully. Attach mixing tip before use. Apply only one thin layer of gel to front of tray.

Active Ingredients
Water; Glycerin; Hydrogen Peroxide Solution; Potassium Phosphate; Carbomer; Potassium Nitrate; Flavor; Potassium Hydroxide; EDTA
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