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ProFoot Toe Bandages One Size Each
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Product Summary
Toe Bandages

protect and soothe toes with soft slip-on bandages. Comfortable in all types of shoes. Can be used I place of corn cushions. Toe Bandages slip on easily to provide instant relief for sore or painful toes and fingers. The soft, spongy outer layer cushions and protects toes where adhesive bandages and corn cushions can't, especially between toes. Toe Bandages trim easily, conform to any size or shape needed, and stay in place. Comfortable in all types of shoes.

Three 4 inch lengths - trim easily to size and shape needed.

If you have Diabetes or poor circulation, consult your Physician or Podiatrist before using this product. Do not place over broken skin.

Active Ingredients
Polyethylene Foam; 100% Cotton Inner Liner
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