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Polident For Partials Tablet 36ct
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Product Summary
Denture Cleanser

Uniquely formulated for your partial to clean tooth and metal surfaces in only 5 minutes! For better odor control, use Polident every day! Even if you brush your partial every day, you're missing something. Brushing alone can miss odor-causing plaque and food particles trapped in crevices. Polident has Poli-Vescent Power, special cleaning agents and stain-attacking enzymes that family toothpastes don't have, to scrub out what brushing can miss. Use daily for better odor control.

FOR DAILY USE: Drop one Polident tablet into enough very warm water to cover your partial or retainer. 2. Place partial or retainer in effervescing solution and soak for 5 minutes. 3. After 5 minutes, rinse partial or retainer with running water.

Keep tablets out of the reach of children. Do not place tablets in the mouth.
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