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IntelliGender Boy or Girl Gender Prediction Test
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Product Summary

The Intelligender Gender Prediction Test
IntelliGender's Gender Prediction Test (G.P.T.) is a simple in-home urine analysis similar to an in-home pregnancy test which identifies whether an expectant mom is having a boy or a girl.

First morning urine is collected in the collection cup provided in the G.P.T. kit. A measured amount is added to the test cup and the result is read within minutes. A yellow to orange color represents girl and a smoky green color represents boy (see examples below).

Laboratory tests have an accuracy rate of 90% (in-home results of 82%), depending on the stage of pregnancy.

The test can be performed as early as eight weeks of gestation (10 weeks of pregnancy). A simple instruction sheet is provided with the test as well as a toll free number should you have any questions.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! We hope that you will be blessed with a happy, healthy baby and you have great fun along the journey to delivery!

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