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Oral B CrossAction Pro-Health Toothbrush Soft 40Reg 1-Each****OTC DISCONTINUED 2/28/14
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Product Summary

Textured tongue cleaner.
The brand more dentists use themselves worldwide.
Why is it right for you?
It provides 7 benefits for a cleaner, healthier mouth:
Removes hard-to-reach plaque.
Reduces gingivitis.
Cleans along the gumline.
Polishes away surface stains.
Removes odor-causing germs on the tongue.
Stimulates gums.
Gentle on enamel and gums.
How does CrossAction Pro-Health work?
It combines:
CrissCross bristles
Textured tongue cleaner
Soft gum stimulators
Power Tip bristles
Indicator bristles
Made in USA.

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