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Johnson & Johnson Reach Clean Burst Waxed Floss Icy Spearmint 55 Yard
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Product Summary
Dental Floss

Superior cleaning* and intense burst of flavor deliver a CLEAN SO POWERFUL YOU CAN FEEL IT! Why should I floss? Dentists recommend flossing regularly because it is proven to remove plaque between teeth to help prevent gum disease. *When compared to standard floss in clinical studies.

Tips for use: Wind 18 inches around your fingers, leaving 4 inches of floss between them. Grasp floss between thumb and index finger. Clean up and down between teeth and under the gum line, using a clean section of floss every few teeth. For a clean healthy smile: Floss daily with Johnson & Johnson REACH Dental Floss. Brush daily with REACH toothbrushes to clean teeth. Rinse daily with ACT Anticavity Fluoride Rinse to reduce cavities.
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