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Ice It! Reusable Cold Pack Model 500 1- Each
Product ID: A976365
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Product Summary

For use alone, or to rotate as a refill in Model 510, our Neck/Jaw/Sinus ColdCOMFORT™ System.

We know that you have better things to do than sit around holding an ice pack in place, so we designed Ice It!® Deluxe Wraps to make it easy to apply cold therapy.

Ice It!® Cold Pack:
• Stays flexible when fully frozen, to mold around painful area
• Quickly reaches freezing temperature
• Maintains low temperature longer for optimum therapeutic benefit
• Non-toxic fill enclosed in latex-free vinyl
• Durable enough to be used several times a day
• Ergonomic designs for specific areas, such as the neck, shoulder, back or wrist

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