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Hollister 7805 Softflex 10/Box
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Product Summary

ADAPT Barrier Rings (Softflex Rings)

Sting-free alternative to paste.
Can be stretched and molded to create custom shapes
Can be cut, bent, and stacked together to improve the fit of the skin barrier
For individuals with sensitive skin or limited dexterity.
Prolongs skin barrier wear time when used under a pouch or 2-piece skin barrier.

*Adapt Barrier Rings are flat, so they can be molded, bent, or stacked to improve the fit of the skin barrier. The shape is ideal for someone with a stoma that protrudes from the abdomen.
*The skin barrier is supplied with an opening that allows the user to apply it without any preparation.
*Product has features that would be most appropriate for post-operative care.
*Product can be worn while bathing or swimming without affecting its performance.
*Product has features that would be most appropriate for home care.

20mm 1 and 3/16 inches

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