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Health Enterprises Lice Comb With 5X Magnifier
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Product Summary
Lice Comb

Eliminates the hard work involved in removing head lice and their eggs, preventing reinfestation. Glides through hair without snagging or pulling. Use the separate 5x magnifier to locate nits and to insure a complete job.

1. Shampoo with a pediculicide. 2. Remove all snarls with an ordinary comb. 3. Separate one inch sections of hair. With the Medi-Comb name facing away from the scalp, hold the comb in your right hand at a 45 degree angle. Place comb teeth as close to the scalp as possible, then lightly comb, passing through the same strands several times. Repeat this procedure until the entire head is complete. Check hair shafts carefully with 5x magnifier. 4. Repeat Step 3 for any section which is not completely nit free. 5. Clean and sterilize comb by boiling in water for 15 minutes.

Do not force Medi-Comb through hair. Use caution to avoid scratching scalp.
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