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FreeStyle Freedom Lite Diabetes Blood Glucose Monitoring System
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Product Summary
  • For use with FreeStyle Lite Test Strips
  • World’s smallest sample size
  • Small meter for discreet testing
  • Large numeric display
  • 4 programmable alarms remind patients when to test
  • Accurate results in an average of just 5 seconds


Introducing the easy-to-read, easy-to-hold FreeStyle Freedom® Lite blood glucose monitoring system. With a new ergonomic shape and large numeric display, the FreeStyle Freedom Lite is ideal for those looking for simple and accurate testing. Also, no coding and the world's smallest sample size means easy testing on the go. The FreeStyle Freedom Lite meter uses only FreeStyle Lite test strips

Most Test Sites

Patients can test on less sensitive parts of their body.*

- Upper Arms

- Forearms

- Hands

- Fingers

- Thighs

- Calves

*We recommend that you test on your fingers if you are testing for hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) or if you suffer from hypoglycemia unawareness.

Other Information

- For in vitro diagnostic use only.

- Store at room temperature 40°F - 86°F (4°C - 30°C).

- Use test strips only within the operating temperature range as outlined in the Owner's Booklet.


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