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Flents Contact Lens Case Two-Tone
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Product Summary
Contact Lens Case

Ideal for storage or heat disinfection. Screw-on lid keeps contacts safe inside. Compact, durable plastic design. Easier to use.

BEFORE USING: Before using the case for the first time, clean and wash the case with hot water only. Rinse thoroughly with normal saline solution, or sterile disinfecting solution depending on the method of disinfection used. When washing the Contact Lens Case, DO NOT use any soaps, detergents or other household chemicals. Soft (hydrophilic) contact lenses must be stored in fresh solution daily. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Follow the lens care procedures recommended by your eye care practitioner. Before handling lens, wash hands with a lint free towel. Work with one lens at a time to avoid mix-ups. 2. Clean lens thoroughly with an approved cleaner. Flush with an approved disinfecting and storing solution. Pour a few drops of the disinfecting solution into the lens-well and insert the lens. Pour enough disinfecting solution over the lens to be sure they are completely immersed. Close the case lids tight. To assure disinfection, the lens must be stored for a minimum of 4 hours before reinsertion. 3. Before you remove the lens from the lens-well, follow the hand-washing instructions outlined above. Flush your lens with fresh saline solution and insert lens. After lens insertion, wash storage case with hot water and dry with a lint-free towel.

Never reuse the storage (or disinfection) solution. Your lens storage case should be replaced every three months. If pain or irritation persists with lens wear, remove your lens and consult your practitioner or physician immediately. KEEP AWAY FROM SMALL CHILDREN.
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