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FIRST AID Plastic Finger Guard Medium
Product ID: A395756
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Product Summary
Finger Guard

Used to protect bandaged finger from irritation, dirt and further injury. Easily slips onto finger.

Select finger guard size large enough to fit over bandaged finger. Cleanse finger, stop bleeding and reduce swelling with cold packs. Apply small amount of antibiotic cream to any areas of broken skin. If wound has been stitched, follow your doctor's instructions regarding application of medication and bandage. Place small sterile non-stick gauze pad over wound, then wrap gauze dressing 3-4 times around finger or use tubular dressing. Secure dressing with thin strip of adhesive tape. Gently slide finger guard in place and secure at base with thin strip of adhesive tape. Change dressing daily or as necessary to keep wound and finger clean and dry. If redness, swelling, or pain persist or fever develops, consult your doctor at once.
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