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Eqvalan (Ivermectin 1.87% Paste) - 0.21 oz (6.08 g) Tube
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Product Summary
  • Single Dose Dewormer
  • Treats large & small strongyles
  • Treats Pinworms
  • Contents will treat up to 1,250 lb body weight
  • Use in Horses Only

EQVALAN® (ivermectin) Paste, Professional Parasite Control for horses, provides the broadest spectrum of control available against equine parasites. EQVALAN® is safe enough that it can be used in horses of all ages, including mares at any stage of pregnancy. Stallions may be treated without adversely affecting their fertility.

EQVALAN® is made to exacting standards by Merial, the company that discovered and developed ivermectin. Independent studies conducted over that last 20 years have demonstrated that resistance has not developed to EQVALAN® and that EQVALAN® Paste remain fully effective. No other equine deworming product can make that claim.

EQVALAN® provides effective control of the following parasites or parasitic conditions in horses:

- Large Strongyles - adults and arterial larval stages of Strongylus vulgaris, adults and tissue stages of S. edentatus, adults of S. equinus and Triodontophorus spp

- Small Strongyles - including those resistant to some benzimidazole class compounds (adults and fourth-stage larvae) - Cyathostomum spp, Cylicocyclus spp, Cylicostephanus spp, Cylicodontophorus spp

- Pinworms (adults and fourth-stage larvae) - Oxyuris equi

- Ascarids (adult and third- and fourth-stage larvae) - Parascaris equorum

- Hairworms (adults) - Trichostrongylus axei

- Large-mouth Stomach Worms (adults) - Habronema muscae

- Bots (oral and gastric stages) - Gastrophilus spp

- Lungworms (adults and fourth-stage larvae) - Dictyocaulus arnfieldi

- Intestinal Threadworms (adults) Strongyloides westeri

EQVALAN® also provides unsurpassed protection against:

- Summer Sores: caused by Habronema and Draschia spp cutaneous third-stage larvae

- Dermatitis: caused by neck threadworm microfilariae. Onchocerca sp

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