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Easy Gluco Blood Glucose Meter Plus 100 Test Strips
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Product Summary

The EasyGluco® G2 automatically draws blood into the test strip, and shows you if there’s enough blood for an accurate and reliable reading.
EasyGluco® G2 leaves you with no reason to look elsewhere, but here, for the perfect and most cost-effective diabetic testing solution on the market. Similar technology and features used by other leading branded products such as LifeScan OneTouch® Ultra, Roche Accu-Chek® Comfort Curve®, Bayer Ascensia® Elite®, Medisense® Precision® and Therasense® Freestyle® cost more than twice the price of EasyGluco® G2.

Features: Kit includes Meter, Control Solution, 10 lancets, 1 lancing device.
Plus an additional 100 Easy Gluco Strips

Alternate Site Testing
New Look and Feel
Biosensor Technology
Results in 9 Seconds
Tiny Sample Size
Blood Applied, Capillary Action, Automatic start
Easy, Simple, and Accurate
14 Days Plus Averaging
200+ Test Memory
5,000 Tests Battery Life (vs. 1,000 for some of the other leading brands)

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