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Embrace Diabetic Test Strips - 50 Strips****PRODUCT DISCONTINUED 8/14/14
Product ID: 902028
Expires: May 31st, 2015
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Product Summary
  • For use with Embrace No Code Blood Glucose System
  • Small sample size
  • No coding necessary for test strips
  • Alternate site testing
When shopping online, you may have seen pictures or boxes that say "Not for Retail Sale" or "Mail Order Box".

What does this mean and why are there different types of boxes for the same product?

There are 4 types of boxes:

  1. USA Retail - standard box found in any store meant to be sold to consumers.
  2. Mail Order - special box for mail order pharmacies to sell to consumers
  3. Health Plan - special box meant for health insurance companies to sell to consumers
  4. Professional - special box meant for healthcare professionals to sell to consumers
  5. DME - special box meant for durable medical equipment suppliers to sell to consumers

All of these boxes contain the EXACT same product, but carry different prices. The manufacturers make them look different and label them as "Not For Retail Sale" in an effort to scare consumers into buying the most expensive box.

In our relentless mission to save you money, occasionally, we are able to source a Mail Order or Health Plan box that is cheaper than the regular retail box. When we do, we always pass this savings on to you.

The manufacturers don't want us to sell cheaper boxes, but we feel differently. Why should others get discounted prices while healthcare costs continue to rise and consumers continue to pay higher prices?

Though the picture of the product you see could be a standard retail box, the item you receive in the mail might say "Mail Order Box" or "Health Plan Box" or "Not For Retail Sale".

Please be assured you have received the EXACT same product as the retail box, with one important exception: you probably paid less for it.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask us at savemoney[AT]
Product Description


Use OneTouch Ultra Strips with with OneTouch Ultra and OneTouch UltraSmart Brand Meters and InDuo Systems.

50 Test Strips - 2 Vials of 25 Test Strips.

Fastdraw™ Design Test Strips: · Require only a tiny sample. · Automatically draw blood into the test strip. Each One Touch® Ultra test strip contains: Glucose oxidase (greater than or equal to) 0.8IU: other ingredients (mediator, buffer, etc) (greater than or equal to) 0.05mg. The vial cap contains a drying agent.

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