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Bayer A1C Now Self Check At Home A1C System Kit****DISCONTINUED 1/22/14
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Product Summary
This test is for home use monitoring of glycemic control in patients with diabetes.

*A1C measures your average blood glucose level over the past 2-3 months.
*If you have diabetes, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends that your A1C should be under 7%.
*One point reduction in your A1C reduces the risk of serious complications by 40%.
*Remember that your A1C is your big picture measurement. Don't use it for short-term daily blood glucose measurement.
*If you have questions about your A1C result, please contact your doctor or healthcare provider. Do not adjust your medication unless instructed to do so by your doctor or healthcare provider.


*At-home test results in 5 minutes
*Small blood sample
*Lab accurate
*Provides 2 to 3 month blood sugar assessment
Package Contents:

*2 single-use cartridges
*2 shaker kits
*1 quick reference guide
*1 overview and helpful hints
*1 instructional DVD
*1 extra lancet

Important: Before using these products, read the instructions carefully. Store at room temperature (18 - 25 degrees C or 64 - 77 degrees F) and out of direct sunlight. Do not use after expiration dates.
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