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Depend Underwear Women Super Plus Absorb X-Large 48-64 inches 56/Case
Product ID: A696245
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Product Summary
  • Made especially to meet the needs of a woman
  • Protective underwear made just for a woman

    Hips: 48 in to 64 in
    Weight: 200-300 lbs
    Waist: 48 in-64 in

    Absorbent where a woman needs it most.
    Designed to fit the shape of a woman's body.
    Easy to use - just pull on and off.
    Worry-free odor control.
    Soft, quiet, breathable.
    Made in the U.S.A.

    Caution: To avoid risk of suffocation, please keep plastic bags away from infants and children. Like most articles of clothing, protective underwear can burn if exposed to flame or other source of ignition.

    Slip On/Slip Off

    Look for the pink bar below the pink waistband - the bar indicates the back..
    Step into Protective Underwear and pull them on just like regular underwear.
    To remove, slip off like regular underwear.
    Dispose of in trash can. Do not flush.

    Bladder and bowel incontinence may be caused by a condition that can be medically treated. Please see your doctor for professional advice.

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